Laurence Shahlaei, Multiple Strongman competitor on the benefits of taking Xenca Collagen Revitalise and Five a day+

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Multiple Strongman competitor, Laurence Shahlaei, has been using Xenca’s revitalise collagen and five a day+ (The stunning concentrated  nutrition product) for quite a while now, and just loves them both, as he explains in this video.  

Laurence had suffered a torn Quad (quadricep) back in 2012 and was offered help by Xenca with their Revitalise Collagen to help repair that injury.  In this short video Laurence explains how he feels that he benefited from regularly taking that product.

He also explains how he then tried Xenca’s amazing Five a day+ supplement as well. Now he takes both of these supplements every day, as we do, and truthfully they are the two best supplements of their kind we have ever taken.  Many of our customers would also agree with that fact.  (We previously did a blog about Laurence and Five a day+ a short while back.)  Want to know more about them?  ;-D 

collagen range  five a day+ 1

For more info on Laurence Shahlaei why not check out his web site –, or here is his CV so far:-

2X Britain’s Strongest Man, 5X World strongest man competitor, official Guinness World Record holder, 2X Giants Live Winner


Englands strongest man
5 times WSM competitor
2 times Britain’s strongest man 2012/2013
2 times Giants Live winner
2 times SMCL winner
Guinness Record holder in the farmers walk:- 150kg 20 metres in 6.73seconds.

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Is The Cause Of Energy Disorders Something To Do With pH. Imbalance?

I have been helping people to get better from energy disorders for many years now, things such as M.E., Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Lupus and others.  I am confident we have found a solution to these problems for people and a logical, biological, reason behind them that mainstream medicine has missed and their medications and treatments cannot resolve. 

We have successfully treated many thousands of people so far with these conditions and we have noted some interesting things that have happened to most of the people we help and have been listed as possible triggers for their conditions, which we have listed lower down.  

What if the chain of chemistry behind these energy disorders is linked to the overproduction of stress chemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol for example, which dramatically lower pH. to a level that the body cannot deal with? 

Too low a blood and cell pH. is a serious problem for the human cellular system, according to a cell biologist, MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek, where we got that information from.  His book, called Magnotherapy the pHacts’ on how the product we use works can be found here.  It also explains the cellular dangers of low blood pH.

So how does this low pH. start, what are the stress factors involved?  Everyone we help to resolve these energy issues has some, or all, of the following things in their life history.

1)    They have had stressful situations or traumatic events such as car crashes, injuries, or things of that nature, even pregnancies or other physically demanding things upon the body, can be part of the factors involved in the start of the problem.

2)    They often had a viral infection at some point in  their life, the most common being glandular fever, but there are many others.

3)    They used to be very fit and active physically or mentally at some point in their life before the energy issue appeared.  Many times it is because of high levels of brain activity, such as studying for a degree in one very severe case of fibromyalgia we treated, in the case of Kate Tyler.  Or another young girl we helped, who started getting M.E. whilst studying for her GCSEs, Charlotte Davies.

4)    They have been in difficult or abusive relationships or something similar.

All of these things put huge strain upon the body and produce stress chemicals, adrenalin, cortisol etc. and in turn they activate lactic acid production to a massive level as the body ‘pumps up the volume’ due to the chemical stress.  Eventually the overwhelming production of acidifying chemistry, especially lactic acid, will drop the blood pH. and then like a domino effect the cell pH. can go to dangerous levels unless resolved. 

This affects the cellular production of energy in the mitochondria, the ‘power plant’ of the cells.  The result eventually will be a serious lack of body energy, which is why acidity is the key to these issues we are sure.

This may also be why people get the ‘foggy head’, ‘feel like they’ve run a marathon’, sleep poorly etc. these people are almost certainly over acidic (acidosis) at a cellular level on a body wide scale.

How do we help the body to resolve this then?

Unless we deal with this cellular and blood pH., problem, how can the body heal or the person produce enough energy in their cells?  Our therapy helps all acids to become processed more efficiently by the body’s own acid balancing processes, or buffering as it is more correctly known, using a specialised magnetic field, called Bioflow.  I must stress, I use it in many different and unique ways than anyone else knows how to do, which took me many years to learn

The chemical processes involved are explained in the book called ‘Magnotherapy the pHacts’ by the cell biologist should people want to know, which is on ‘The Science Bit’ of our site.

We also now add a nutritional supplement to aid energy production, boost the immune system and do other things to speed up the magnetic treatment.  This is called five a day+ and there is more info on that product here

Many people have tried our therapy over the years with energy disorders, so we can easily show we are already helping many people solve these issues with a strategic therapy that pretty much anyone can do on themselves or with a small amount of help from me.  Many of these customer’s testimonials are available on our Facebook page and web site

Because our therapy deals with this biological acidity issue we get a massive success rate. We are confident we can help anyone to resolve these issues as some of our customers were severely affected by them prior to meeting us or trying our products.  

We offer a 6 month money back guarantee on our Bioflow treatment products.  If they don’t work we take them back, but if people use them in the way we ask them to plus keep in regular contact, we are very confident that won’t happen. 

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives

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Britain’s Strongest Man, Laurence Shahlaei, Talks About The Amazing Five a Day+ Green Superfood

Laurence Shahlaei Britain's strongest man.Picture courtesy of Xenca.  One of Xenca’s directors, David Butler, with Britain’s strongest man, Laurence Shahlaei.

Many people in sport take supplements and one of those we know takes some of Xenca’s fabulous products is the current Britain’s strongest man, Laurence Shahlaei. Hopefully people will realise that top athletes and sports people do not give out testimonials lightly.  So when they do speak out about a product, they do so because they find real benefit from taking it.  Here are some of his comments on Xenca’s amazing green superfood, Five a day+.   

“The Xenca Five a Day+ supplement is unlike anything I’ve used before.  Very simple to take, it’s a quick and convenient way of getting lots of green super foods into your body. Since taking this I feel like I have more energy, it aids my recovery and helps my dietary system work much more efficiently.  Nutrition was always something I neglected in the past, but over the last 6 months I have made it a priority and the Xenca Five a Day+ has become one of the staple products in my daily supplementation.”  

Laurence Shahlaei

Laurence Shahlaei photo 1Laurence Shahlaei photo 3

Here is some more info on Laurence for those that want to know more about him: – 

Laurence Shahlaei won England’s Strongest Man in 2009 and went on to win Britain’s Strongest Man in 2012 and 2013.  He also is the only British Strongman to ever win a Giants Live competition; he won in Finland 2012 and Gateshead 2013.  Plus Laurence holds an official Guinness World Record in the Farmers Walk and numerous British records including the Strongman deadlift at 433KG and the Axle press at 205KG.

five_a_dayIf you think about it, if a top sports person can feel the difference taking Five a day+, shouldn’t we all be taking it?  We know it is the best supplement we have ever taken, bar none!  Want to know more about it?  





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Fermenting Foods – Some Great Info And Ideas

One of our favourite health information web sites, Dr Mercola, had this excellent information on the benefits of fermented foods.  Having been fans of Dr Mercola for many years we know his work is well worth reading.  It explains how modern science is now proving the incredible value they can give to the human body.  

These benefits range from improving beneficial gut flora (probiotics) and giving the body an available source of vitamin K2.  Just these two things alone will give amazing health benefits we know from previous research.  

We also loved the well explained and detailed video lower down the page showing the ways fermented foods can be made.  Dr Mercola also explains how he found ways of dramatically improving the benefits fermented foods can give, using some specific products, after working with scientists over many years. 

We will be adding fermented foods to our diet program in the coming months as they are easy to make and quite obviously give fantastic health benefits.  

Hope you like the info, if so drop us a line or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Phil Watson

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Interesting Article About Sugar

I did find an article quite interesting recently in The Telegraph about John Yudkin, who had tried to warn the world about the negative health effects of consuming sugar many years ago in his excellent book: ‘Pure White And Deadly’.  He was a new person to me when I read this article, but his work looks excellent.

In the information it mentions his nemesis, Ancel Keys, a nutritionist, much of whose work was later discredited, according to many people, as not being thorough enough.  (One such example of this is the high cholesterol, saturated fat and heart disease link, now utterly disproved many times, especially by Uffe Ravnskov MD PhD who wrote the cholesterol myths, well worth reading.)  Plus this link has some quite interesting stuff as well

It also mentions that massive food corporations used Ancel Keys work as the basis for promoting ‘low fat’ foods and they were adding sugar to make them more appetising in effect.  Therefore Ancel Keys to them was the ‘horse they backed’ and John Yudkin would have spelled disaster for many of these corporations marketing wise if he proved to be correct.  No prizes for guessing who ‘got the nod’ there then I suppose?

Now Yudkin’s work on sugar and its negative effects on heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other major illnesses is being revisited.  One such person who has done a lot on this is Robert Lustig, Professor of paediatric endocrinology at The University of California.  Who unknowingly was an advocate of Yudkin’s work, as he discovered later.  There is an excellent video from Robert Lustwig as well.  

Yudkin’s original book was highly sought after once it went out of print, but now Penguin Books have re-printed ‘Pure White And Deadly’, according to this article.   We hope that this re-ignite the debate on sugar.  

I did like this quote from the piece from the Telegraph about Prof. Robert Lustig, which is a common problem for independent science and scientists: 

If you look up Robert Lustig on Wikipedia, nearly two-thirds of the studies cited there to repudiate Lustig’s views were funded by Coca-Cola. But Gillespie believes the message is getting through. “More people are avoiding sugar, and when this happens companies adjust what they’re selling,” he says. It’s just a shame, he adds, that a warning that could have been taken on board 40 years ago went unheeded: “Science took a disastrous detour in ignoring Yudkin. It was to the detriment of the health of millions.”

We have been confident that this information about the dangers of sugar and the need for various fats in our diets for many years, but were often dismissed as a bit bonkers, as are many others we know of, including Yudkin we suspect.  

For those that believe that there is a safe alternative to sugar in artificial sweeteners, they should check out an excellent website and book called ‘Sweet Poison’ by Dr Janet Starr-Hull.   This is another dangerous set of man made products we believe. 

Fortunately a lot of the information we have passed around over the years has now been proven to be correct in many cases, even when mainstream medicine stated the opposite, in fact still are in some ways.  We often put a lot of this info on here and also on Our Facebook Page as well.  So if you want to see more health info that we find, we suggest you ‘like’ our Facebook page as well as this web site. 

Part of our job we believe is to give people options on health that can be checked by them. We are always learning more great stuff from some brilliant people whose work is of great benefit we believe and we try to check everything we post thoroughly for obvious reasons. Not everyone will agree with some or even any of it, that is their choice.  In the end it is about who you believe.  You pays your money and takes your choice in that regard.

It is up to us all to look after our own health in the end.  That is only possible with good, solid information we are sure.  Hence why we spend so much time passing this kind of information around for others to check for themselves.

This also applies to our main health businesses such as using Bioflow products in our unique ways and Xenca’s superb nutritional supplements or health and beauty ranges.

We hope you enjoy the information.

Phil & Kathy :-D 

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We have a video section on our web site.  Hopefully people will check it out at some point to see what we can offer in the way of our therapy, results and other options.  There will be more videos added in time, meanwhile we have loaded a few for the moment for people to check out. 

Phil Watson   :-D

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Our Happy Customers Love Us And We love Helping Them

We always love to hear from our very happy customers, of which there are many thousands over the years, we are pleased to say.  It is especially nice when they pop in to see us again.  This was the case today when one such customer, Craig Roach, came back to thank us personally for the results that our treatment and products had achieved for him on his shoulder pain, hip pain and poor sleep.  We taught him how to use the products at home and he was very grateful that we had managed to help him change his life for the better. 

Craig had tried our free sample in our shop back in August 2012 and was so impressed by the difference he felt that he decided to try some of our products afterwards.  He is very grateful that he used us now.   (Not that people need a free sample from us, just our unique knowledge of how to use their own products themselves.  We call this our ‘Global Treatment Service’ and it is proving very popular so far.)

fb 55

So today, 6th March 2014, we did our free demonstration on his wife for her breathing problems to show what we can do; as she was sceptical we could help her.  She was also impressed enough afterwards to order herself some products.  So once she gets them we will see how things go for her, but we are expecting another great testimonial from her as well though.

Plus they are also ordering some of the amazing superfood Five a day+.  We are looking forward to their finding out how incredibly good that product is as well.   People should really try Five a day+ out for a few months, they will soon realise how fantastic you feel when you take it.   It is truly the best supplement we have ever taken by far and we are confident the best nutritional value for money in the world.

Do you know someone in pain or poor health that needs our help?  :-D

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