Wow, what a great M.E. testimonial we got this week.

Saturday 17th November 2012

Well, what a week this has been for feedback from some of our very happy customers, as you can see if you read through our posts.  On Wednesday we got an email from the parents of another of our success stories, Charlotte Davies, who was suffering with severe M.E.

We have a huge success rate with all forms of energy health issues such as M.E., Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Polymyalgia and Lupus.  If you search through the testimonials or our comments books on the web site, we are sure that you will be able to see what we mean.

Here is Charlotte’s parent’s testimonial, which we think is just a fantastic: –


About Changing Lives

Hi there and welcome to our site. My name is Phil Watson and I run a unique treatment business, called Changing Lives. We now do this in Benidorm, but can help someone anywhere in the world with our unique treatment. I have been treating people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field. I had used the products myself back in 1998 and this had helped to fix my 15 year back problem, much to my amazement. Now I treat people using the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and many thousands of people have found relief with my specialised way of using them since I started back in 1998. My Mission is to get many more thousands of people out of pain using my treatment skills. We have also added two fantastic ranges of nutritional supplements for even better health improvements. These incredible supplements have dramatically enhanced the benefits to our customers, especially when used alongside our treatment. There's lots more to read on the site, so please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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