Fibromyalgia, M.E., Chronic Fatigue and Lupus – the ‘unseen’ illnesses

The health issues we now treat the most are low energy health issues.  These are in a lot of cases running people’s lives with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, M.E., Chronic Fatigue and Lupus.  The people we meet suffering these conditions are sometimes going through a living hell.  Their lives can be a constant battle to get through the day. 

Many people not suffering these issues cannot understand what the person is going through, as they often ‘look all right on the outside’.  In fact this is one of the worst things people assume about them.  For instance if you see someone with a leg in plaster, you know they have had an accident and feel for them.  If you see a person in a wheelchair again you feel for them.  However if the person looks all right to you, but they say they are really ill, does it compute, do you think: ‘But you look fine to me.’

Imagine if you feel some, or all of the following:-

You feel terrible all the time

All your joints hurt (a bit like having a kind of super flu)

Your muscles hurt

Your energy levels are so low, even walking across a room is an effort

You can’t sleep properly, despite being exhausted

Even eating food is an effort

And there can be many more symptoms, such as digestive issues (Such as Irritable bowel Syndrome – I.B.S.), you can’t think clearly (Like having a ‘foggy’ head) and many others.

If you were feeling like that, how would you feel if someone said to you: ‘Well you look all right to me’, would it drive you nuts, it would me?

Then add to this problem, that the medical fraternity say there is no cure for your condition/s, the only thing we can do is to put you on strong painkillers, such as gabapentin, diclofenac, tramadol and others.  Just ask anyone who has been on any of these drugs just what they do to your world.  They are a disaster, especially with long-term use. 

Please remember that according to the medical fraternity there are no cures for these conditions, so the person being treated this way has a lifetime of these drugs to look forward to.  Not only that, they don’t remove the pain completely, even on high doses, as many of our customers tell us when they meet us. 

Take the case of Kate Tyler, who was taking 52 tablets a day, including 8 TRAMADOL A DAY but was still in constant pain.  How would you feel being in that world of pain for 4 years, at 25 years of age? 

Then Kate’s mum and dad found us, Kate had a chat with me, and bought a wrist Bioflow product from us, as she couldn’t afford anything else.  However she also bought the book by the scientist who worked out what Bioflow does. (Please see ‘The Science Bit’ to read what he says it does)  As she told me, by halfway through the book, she realised that she was acidic.  Kate had done biology and this was obvious to her now.  (Our unique way of treating people gets the body back to an alkaline state, most people we treat feel the benefit of our treatment quickly because of the way we teach them to use the products)

So Kate then had a long chat with me and I explained how with some other kit we could ‘turbocharge’ the results she had been getting, which were OK, but we had a lot more tricks of the trade she could use.  So she bought a treatment kit from us and with this kit we could treat her over the phone where she lives in Derby.  We had several phone conversations about how she needed to use the kit, which is part of our ‘Global Treatment Service’ (This is unique to us here at Changing Lives and enables us to teach the person how to treat themselves in my unique way. (Although we often do this via a Skype connection or yahoo messenger over the internet – people outside the UK can be treated this way for example). 

Kate also bought some nutritional products from us, as she felt so much better using the magnetic treatment products we supplied her.  She soon realised that she could get better from this illness, there was a solution; and she had found it with our treatment.  Kate was feeling better week upon week, her energy levels were rocketing, her pains reducing (She needed less painkillers daily) and she saw that this was happening more and more each day.

After 8 months she was well enough to come down to our shop in Cornwall and the rest is history really. (That is why we met Kate’s parents and not her the year before, she had been just too ill to travel here)  Kate was one of the worst cases we have ever treated in our many years.  She had to have a few more bits of treatment kit as well as the first lot she bought, but the benefits were off the scale.  In fact she improved so much in our shop that she went rock climbing when she went back home, which is why she is grinning like a Cheshire cat in the photo.  When we first spoke to Kate back in September 2010, her mother had been dressing her for over three years, as Kate would pull a muscle if she tried to do that.

Now Kate goes dancing for SEVEN hours at a time, she boxes (She is even teaching young kids to box as well – something she loves) and she has a new job working in a shop.  In fact she told me recently that she takes no painkillers at all, yet she is doing a hundred times more things than before she used our treatment.

So here is a question we want people to think about.  If Fibromyalgia, and other energy conditions, are allegedly incurable, how come we have never failed yet in all our years to get a result, even in cases as tough as Kate’s?  Oh by the way, there is also a testimonial below Kate’s from another customer who had M.E., Charlotte Davies, just in case people think we only treat Fibromyalgia.

If you know anyone suffering with Fibromyalgia, M.E., Chronic Fatigue or Lupus, we would love to have the chance to see what our treatment could do for them?  All you need to do is put them in contact with us.  After all, what do they have to lose by talking to us? 

At the very least, please pass the details of our web site, or Facebook page, onto them.  That will give people a way of checking us out; and then they can judge for themselves if we are worth a shot.  They can also speak to many of our customers directly, including Kate; we have lots of happy customers that are willing to do that, they know what other people are going through, and can explain what we can offer, sometimes better than we can.

Why not do them the same kind of favour that Kate’s mum and dad did for her, or Charlotte’s, put them in contact with us?  (Both sets of parents never for a moment thought that we could help, after all the medical world said they were both ‘incurable’)  However they all know differently now don’t they?

My treatment is unique to me; I have knowledge that is exclusive to me.  We promise that we will do our utmost to get every one of our customers a result they will be amazed at; and it will be obvious to them what our treatment can do for them.  If it doesn’t work we will take the magnetic products back and refund the 85% of their cost.  Can we be fairer than that?

People have a choice, they can try us out or they can ignore what we offer, we hope that they try us out; and we will prove what we can do in a few weeks of using our treatment.  No matter where the person lives in the world, we are supremely confident that we can help.

Kind regards

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives





About Changing Lives

Hi there and welcome to our site. My name is Phil Watson and I run a unique treatment business, called Changing Lives. We now do this in Benidorm, but can help someone anywhere in the world with our unique treatment. I have been treating people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field. I had used the products myself back in 1998 and this had helped to fix my 15 year back problem, much to my amazement. Now I treat people using the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and many thousands of people have found relief with my specialised way of using them since I started back in 1998. My Mission is to get many more thousands of people out of pain using my treatment skills. We have also added two fantastic ranges of nutritional supplements for even better health improvements. These incredible supplements have dramatically enhanced the benefits to our customers, especially when used alongside our treatment. There's lots more to read on the site, so please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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