Five a day+ – The Best Superfood We Have Ever Taken

five_a_dayOne of the best things about our journey into better health (Which first started after the incredible improvements in our health since using Bioflow magnetic therapy) is how it has opened out eyes and minds to the vast array of great natural healing treatments and natural health products that are around.  It has also been interesting learning more about what the body needs to keep healthy. 
This includes such things as discovering the proper science about the dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Genetically Engineered foods (GE), to finding out about great information from superb health sources from such people as the Health Ranger Mike Adams at for example, though this applies to many other people.   
Every now and then, we get great information on health stuff, and occasionally we get stunning information.  Much of this information we post on here or on our Facebook page to let others know what is out there. 
One of the best things we have ever discovered is the Xenca range of health and beauty products and we are particularly blown away by the absolutely amazing Five a day+, which is the best nutritional superfood we have ever taken.  It is truly the most incredible green superfood on the market today, bar none.  To find out more about Five a day+ and its stunning benefits, just click here.
Xenca make a superb range of other products as well, such as collagen supplements, pet care, weight control, sports nutrition,natural skin care and organic makeup products. 
The superb range of Xenca products can be ordered online, including many countries outside the UK, from Our Xenca Shop


About Changing Lives

Hi there; my name is Phil Watson and I run a unique health business, called Changing Lives. We offer q unique health program to anyone anywhere in the world where I. I have been helping people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field; in ways I had used on me, to fix my own back problem. I teach people how to use the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and I have many thousands of satisfied customers now. My Mission is to help many more people to improve their health with a combination of various health options alongside our main health program. Please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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