Treatment Tour Update 27-10-13

Well here we are on our treatment tour and what  a fab time we have been having.  We started in Pontypool in Wales, where, firstly, we met one of our very satisfied customers, Sophie Williams, who we treated back in our shop a while ago with severe fibromyalgia. (Sophie had found us on recommendation from another customer with M.E. whom she knew we had successfully helped previously, Charlotte Davies.  We were going to meet Charlotte later in Pontypool.  M.E. is very similar to fibromyalgia in many ways, so Sophie had decided to give us a try)

We could see the vast improvement in Sophie using the various products since we met her only a short while ago (in our unique ways obviously).  While there we gave her a ‘blast’ with our very powerful sample treatment kit.  The purpose of this was to see if there were any areas of her body that needed more treatment from her products to rid her of the fibromyalgia forever, as we expect (This can normally be done over the phone using ‘Our Global Treatment Service’ but as we were in the neighbourhood we decided it would be beneficial and speed up the results for Sophie).

Now armed with even more of our unique knowledge on how to treat herself, we will see what Sophie finds in the coming weeks and we expect to be getting more feedback from her and her mum soon, which we will post on here and the Facebook page hopefully.

Next that day we saw Cath, who is Sophie’s boss’s mum.  Cath had witnessed the dramatic improvements in Sophie and Charlotte, whom she also knew, but was very sceptical we could help her arthritic hands, very painful feet (which really drove her crazy) and her asthma.  Cath was blown away by the improvements our sample made to her areas of pain.  She is now armed with a couple of products and is confident that if she follows our treatment protocol, she will see improvements on herself in these and many other areas of her body.

Finally on Friday we went round to see Charlotte Davies and her family plus some friends that wanted to try our sample as well.  Also her very grateful mum and dad, who were just so amazed at the change in Charlotte’s ME since we first met them, and couldn’t thank us enough for what our treatment had done for her.  As her quite emotional mum and dad, Nigel and Mary, put it: “We want to thank you for giving us our daughter back.”  What a fab job we have.  (Charlotte had just done her A levels and got As in every subject.  When we met her first she couldn’t even get out of bed to go to school.)

Firstly though, one of Mary’s friends tried our sample and she will be seeing how the results of that go in the coming days.  We also treated Mary’s brother in law and his neck and back pain (He had brought Charlotte down to the shop earlier in the year for a top up blast, as she was still bad at that time and had bought products himself after trying our free sample when he was in the shop with Charlotte.)  We found a few specific areas he needed to treat, now he knows these he should get even better results and we will see how he gets on after treating them a bit more.

Finally we gave Charlotte another super blast and isolated more areas for her to concentrate on.  She realised she had not been following our protocol as much as she should have been, even though she had been getting great results so far, so her mum and dad have promised to make sure she does from now on.  We will see what happens when she does.

Once we had said our emotional goodbyes to everyone, we headed off to Maidstone to meet some more lucky people to show what results we can give.  We will be reporting on the results of these demos soon.

Phil & Kathy


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Hi there and welcome to our site. My name is Phil Watson and I run a unique treatment business, called Changing Lives. We now do this in Benidorm, but can help someone anywhere in the world with our unique treatment. I have been treating people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field. I had used the products myself back in 1998 and this had helped to fix my 15 year back problem, much to my amazement. Now I treat people using the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and many thousands of people have found relief with my specialised way of using them since I started back in 1998. My Mission is to get many more thousands of people out of pain using my treatment skills. We have also added two fantastic ranges of nutritional supplements for even better health improvements. These incredible supplements have dramatically enhanced the benefits to our customers, especially when used alongside our treatment. There's lots more to read on the site, so please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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