Treatment Tour Update 12-11-13

Wow, what a great weekend we have had in Southend-on-Sea on Friday and Gillingham on Saturday and Sunday.  We met up with one of our customers, and Xenca associate, Sue Walshe and also fellow Xencan Brenda Gibson.  We met some of Sue’s friends who tried our treatment for the first time and they were impressed with the changes and will be contacting Sue to let her know what they want to do.  We also discussed the amazing business opportunity that Xenca offers people and had a really fab day all round.

Saturday we went off to treat 11 people in Gillingham at Becky’s house, for which we are very grateful indeed.  Becky had met us on the last tour as she knew Norman Brown (Who is the reason we are touring this part of the world as he had such a fantastic result from our products) and was so impressed that many of her friends and family wanted to try it.  One of the people we treated in Maidstone was Becky’s dad, Martin, and the difference in his breathing since we treated him was incredible. 

Becky and Martin and another friend said that they had lots of people that wanted to try our sample, including Martin’s doctor, who was very interested in what we do.  So that has led us to Gillingham.  The doctor suffered from a prolapsed disc and asthma and was so impressed with the results he bought some products afterwards.  He was also very interested in some if the other results he witnessed as well as well as in the science behind Bioflow, which made perfect sense to him, and the special ways we have learned to use it.

Interestingly he also bought an H2Flow water de-scaler, as the water where he lives in Gillingham has massive lime scale problems.  He also told us that he, and the person who told him about us, Martin, suffered with kidney stones. (Think of lime scale and what it does to pipes, kidney stones are very similar in lots of ways.)  The H2Flow water de-scaler allows the elements such as calcium that make up lime scale to be unable to attach to each other, cleaning the water pipes, kettles, etc. over time.  Not only that but the kidney stone issue should also change for them both for the same reasons, so we shall see.

We do a lot of products that many people miss, such as the water de-scaler, the Thermoflow to save on gas or oil consumption for heating, the Motoflow car fuel saver as well as the amazing Bioflow and Xenca products of course.  So check out what we do on our main web site, you might be pleasantly surprised what we can offer.

The people we treated had various issues ranging from fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis, asthma, and many others.  All of them were amazed, some were completely stunned, such as Jean, who had multiple health issues.  One of these was that for the last 10 years she couldn’t grip anything with her left hand.  To her amazement, and her friends, she was able to do this afterwards with no pain and the swelling had gone completely.  For the last 10 years people had to open bottles for her and that sort of thing.  Fortunately some of the people there at Becky’s are on Facebook and we are going to ask them to confirm what we have written here on FB.

The doctor was very interested in all the people we treated, especially Jean, so we will see what he says about the difference when he hears from Martin.  We are expecting some great testimonials from all the people we treated, especially once they have used their products for a while.  In the meantime here is one testimonial written by a young lady, called Llara, after her sample treatment for severe back pain around her coccyx 

If you know someone in pain please do them a favour and send them our details, as we do not need to meet them as we did with the people on tour.  We can treat anyone anywhere in the world using our Global Treatment Service.

Our next tour is in Stoke on Saturday the 23rd and Derby on the Sunday the 24th, where we will be seeing another couple of happy customers Tracey Goldstraw and Kate Tyler, both of whom have people champing at the bit to test our treatments with their health issues.  Kate’s story is one of our most read testimonials, not surprisingly, as her health was so bad with #fibromyalgia and now she is completely cured and a very fit boxing coach to boot. 

Tracey on the other hand had tried several of our products after trying our sample in the shop about 8 weeks ago, including the amazing Five a day+.  Since taking this fabulous supplement she has lost 27 pounds in weight.  A stunning result by any standards.  We don’t normally publicise the weight loss that can occur with consuming five a day+, but it often does help the person to do that.

More updates will appear regarding any other tour dates as and when we get any more information.

Want to know more about what we do, why not drop us a line?

Phil Watson  😀

Changing Lives St Ives 

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About Changing Lives

Hi there and welcome to our site. My name is Phil Watson and I run a unique treatment business, called Changing Lives. We now do this in Benidorm, but can help someone anywhere in the world with our unique treatment. I have been treating people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field. I had used the products myself back in 1998 and this had helped to fix my 15 year back problem, much to my amazement. Now I treat people using the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and many thousands of people have found relief with my specialised way of using them since I started back in 1998. My Mission is to get many more thousands of people out of pain using my treatment skills. We have also added two fantastic ranges of nutritional supplements for even better health improvements. These incredible supplements have dramatically enhanced the benefits to our customers, especially when used alongside our treatment. There's lots more to read on the site, so please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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