Xenca – Stunning Products – Superb Value For Money

Things have come a long way since the launch of the British company Xenca back in April 2012.  A fabulous range of their health and beauty products is now available via our Changing Lives Web Site.  Xenca is one of the most amazing companies we have ever been involved with and has some of the best health, beauty and nutritional products we have ever found.

A great example of this is the beauty ranges they have developed, such as the ‘Eternity’ Natural Skin Care and ‘Perfection’ Organic Makeup.  Both of these ranges offer outstanding quality at very competitive prices indeed.  These fabulous products are really starting to take the beauty world by storm.  Once people try any of them they are very often stunned by the excellent quality for the price.  Here are a short couple of videos about them:-

http://bit.ly/1hKJsGP  –  http://bit.ly/1d6Kl6x

collage 2

What type of beauty products do you buy and what are you paying for them compared to Xenca? 

Here is a comparison price list Xenca put together a while back between their beauty products and some well known brands.   By comparing products, such as moisturiser, with equivalent like for like by weight, it makes very interesting comparison we feel.  What do you think?  

beauty products price comparison web site

beauty products price comparison web site 2

(The prices of some of the competitors may have altered since it was done back in October, but we doubt that they would be much lower, if they have changed at all.)  Please check out our website to see more about the products.  We are confident that people will be surprised if they try any of them.  

There also Xmas special offers on certain products including many in the beauty range making them even better value at the moment.  Why not grab a bargain at Our Xenca Shop now?  More info on that can be found here:- https://changinglivesstives.com/2013/11/30/grab-a-bargain-on-selected-xenca-products/

Here is a short video about the Natural Beauty Experience by Xenca.  This is a way for Xenca associates to show people, who would like to try the products’ ‘first hand’, just how good they are in real life.  This can be done in the home, or at events such as beauty shows etc. 

earn £300 - £500 a month

Many associates that are currently registered in our team will be offering this live demonstration over the coming months and years. 

We are also looking for more people, who would like to earn £300 – £500 a month part-time extra income, and a lot more if they want to, by becoming Xenca associates as we are.  If you know of anyone who would like to do that in the UK, we would like to speak to them?


Phil & Kathy

Changing Lives St Ives

About Changing Lives

Hi there; my name is Phil Watson and I run a unique health business, called Changing Lives. We offer q unique health program to anyone anywhere in the world where I. I have been helping people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field; in ways I had used on me, to fix my own back problem. I teach people how to use the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and I have many thousands of satisfied customers now. My Mission is to help many more people to improve their health with a combination of various health options alongside our main health program. Please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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