We Have Treated Some Famous People In Our Time

We have demonstrated our treatment on and sold various products to many thousands of people since 1998.  This includes some possibly more well-known people such as; Ex Arsenal footballer Frank McLintockMagda Szubanski (Who starred in ‘Kath and Kim’), Natalie Mendoza who came in with Magda on the same day and was in ‘Hotel Babylon’ at the time, Haircut 100 singer/songwriter Nick Hayward of Haircut 100 fame (pictured below) (Possibly his best known hit is ‘fantastic day’).   

Nick Heyward

and professional International golfer Ian Woosnam (Most often known affectionately as Woosie). 

Ian Woosnam

We went over to Jersey to treat Woosie as he was suffering from severe back pain and M.E. and was unable to play golf or even walk for long, which was seriously affecting his golf back in 2007, after sadly having to withdraw from the Augusta Masters due to the problem.  After trying our treatment he was so impressed he bought quite a lot of products from us and for many years his career earnings improved massively as he was out of pain since using them.  

Possibly one of the most important ‘famous person’ we met was Janey Lee Grace from the Steve Wright in the Afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 who was suffering from Hip and Neck Pain.  Janey had heard about Bioflow previously from one of her listeners, but we did something that she had never heard of or seen before, a free sample treatment using Bioflow (Which is unique to us here at Changing Lives by the way) and she decided to try it.  Below is a picture taken outside our old shop when she popped back to see us a few months after we first met. 

Janey Lee Grace at our old shop

Janey very kindly wrote about the results of our free sample session on her and our unique work in two of her books.  The first book was ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ and the other was ‘Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler’.  (Though both unfortunately contain our old, now discontinued, web site and phone number as does the old sign above, our new correct contact details are on this web site)

Janey Lee Grace book photo

Here is a copy of some of the things she wrote about us on pages 168-9, including the testimonial of my very sceptical partner, Kathy, who had used Bioflow, with some help from me of course, to resolve her allegedly incurable ‘genetic’ Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dermatitis, PMS, circulation problems and severe High Blood Pressure.  Unfortunately there is a mistake as Kath had been pain free since 1999 so longer than 3 years in fact.

Janey Lee Grace about us 1Janey Lee Grace about us 2

Janey’s books are always an excellent read on various natural remedies and treatments not just what we do; trust us they are worth checking out.  However as she discovered; and subtly suggested in her first book in the section above, the ways we use Bioflow are utterly unique, as many of our customers, and their testimonials on our web site and Facebook page, hopefully go some way to proving.

Janey was very surprised we offered a free sample treatment as well as a 6 month money back guarantee on the products she bought from us.  We do this to show how confident we are in the level of results we can offer people.  After all with us it is all about the incredible results possible not just any old average results. 

Now we have added the incredibly effective Xenca nutrition range to our armoury, such as the amazing Five A Day+ superfood (Truly the best supplement we have ever taken, and we have tried many we can assure you), the Revitalise Collagen (Excellent for improving joint pain, arthritis or skin condition for example) to the stunning Nutrition and Wellbeing products and more, we can guarantee even better and faster results than people can imagine.  

If you know someone in pain or in poor health, anywhere in the world, please get them to check out what we offer.  Our success rate has surprised many thousands of people so far, even with conditions they have been told are incurable such as Fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue, Lupus, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Trigeminal Neuralgia and many, many more.

What is there to lose by checking us out?  

Phil Watson  😀  

Changing Lives St Ives  

Helping people out of pain one person at a time.

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About Changing Lives

Hi there and welcome to our site. My name is Phil Watson and I run a unique treatment business, called Changing Lives. We now do this in Benidorm, but can help someone anywhere in the world with our unique treatment. I have been treating people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field. I had used the products myself back in 1998 and this had helped to fix my 15 year back problem, much to my amazement. Now I treat people using the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and many thousands of people have found relief with my specialised way of using them since I started back in 1998. My Mission is to get many more thousands of people out of pain using my treatment skills. We have also added two fantastic ranges of nutritional supplements for even better health improvements. These incredible supplements have dramatically enhanced the benefits to our customers, especially when used alongside our treatment. There's lots more to read on the site, so please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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