Laurence Shahlaei, Multiple Strongman competitor on the benefits of taking Xenca Collagen Revitalise and Five a day+

Laurence Shahlaei photo 3Laurence Shahlaei photo 1

Multiple Strongman competitor, Laurence Shahlaei, has been using Xenca’s revitalise collagen and five a day+ (The stunning concentrated  nutrition product) for quite a while now, and just loves them both, as he explains in this video.  

Laurence had suffered a torn Quad (quadricep) back in 2012 and was offered help by Xenca with their Revitalise Collagen to help repair that injury.  In this short video Laurence explains how he feels that he benefited from regularly taking that product.

He also explains how he then tried Xenca’s amazing Five a day+ supplement as well. Now he takes both of these supplements every day, as we do, and truthfully they are the two best supplements of their kind we have ever taken.  Many of our customers would also agree with that fact.  (We previously did a blog about Laurence and Five a day+ a short while back.)  Want to know more about them?  ;-D 

collagen range  five a day+ 1

For more info on Laurence Shahlaei why not check out his web site –, or here is his CV so far:-

2X Britain’s Strongest Man, 5X World strongest man competitor, official Guinness World Record holder, 2X Giants Live Winner


Englands strongest man
5 times WSM competitor
2 times Britain’s strongest man 2012/2013
2 times Giants Live winner
2 times SMCL winner
Guinness Record holder in the farmers walk:- 150kg 20 metres in 6.73seconds.


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