Changing Lives in Spain

Just a quick bit of information which we think people need to know.  We are currently in Spain and intend to set up our Changing Lives business here for the foreseeable future.  We are not yet fully operational yet, but once we are we will be doing a similar thing to what we did in the UK for 16 years, i.e. help people to gain better health. 

Our contact details are all the same however, apart from the address of our shop in the UK which is now shut.  The old mobile phone number is transferred to us here and only costs normal UK rates to those that use it in the UK.  If anyone wants to get in touch, just use the details from our contact page and we will reply as soon as possible.  For people wishing to order any products from us for delivery to the UK, the same postage figures will still apply, i.e. £5.00 p&p per order.

We want to assure everyone that we can still help people in the UK, or other countries, looking for better health and can still be of assistance even though we are not there.  In fact we think being outside the UK will highlight the major differences between the results we can offer compared to other therapies.  This will be accomplished using our very effective and popular  ‘Global Help Program’.  

This knowledge we have gained is only available to our customers, as we learned it over many years.  We have helped many people using this program over the last 16 years and expect many more of our customers to refer people to us, as they have done since we started, allowing us to help their friends and family with this exclusive program we offer.

To give people a brief idea of how this works, we teach our customers as many of our unique ways of using Bioflow as they need to do to improve their condition/s, improve their health and get the results they want and we expect.  This is done with exclusive information we give our customers by email, phone conversation, skype etc. and will become more the case than ever before now that we are in Spain.  In fact we are confident we can help people almost anywhere in the world using this system.

We will also still be offering a 6 month money back guarantee on any Bioflow products we supply if the results of using our program are zero.  So our customers get a result or a refund in effect.  How many other protocols or products offer that? 

Many people over the years have discovered that if they follow our exclusive program utilising our specialised knowledge of how to use Bioflow to help their body, their improvements are truly life changing, hence the name of our business.  Many of those people we never met, they just followed our program using the products they bought from us.  

For more details on how we can achieve great results for people, no matter where they live, why not contact us by email, or phone?

Plus people can also order our extremely popular Xenca health and beauty products directly from our dedicated Xenca web site to many countries around the world.   Information can be found on the Xenca health and beauty range here.  Since using their superb products lots of our customers have discovered the benefits of them such as the Collagen Revitalise, or the Five a day+, just as we have.  

Phil Watson & Kathy Coleman

Changing Lives



About Changing Lives

Hi there; my name is Phil Watson and I run a unique health business, called Changing Lives. We offer q unique health program to anyone anywhere in the world where I. I have been helping people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field; in ways I had used on me, to fix my own back problem. I teach people how to use the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and I have many thousands of satisfied customers now. My Mission is to help many more people to improve their health with a combination of various health options alongside our main health program. Please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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