What Makes Changing Lives Different And Why Should People Deal With Us?

There are many differences between what we do with our program and any other ones we are confident.  Sometimes we need to explain some of those differences in more detail, so hopefully people get them more clearly, hence this blog.

Every now and then even our customers misunderstand how important our knowledge and information is to gaining the best results with the products we supply.  

People sometimes don’t know the reason we only use a certain magnetic products in our program, it is because they have a unique, patented magnetic field.  The other main reason we get such incredible results compared to other suppliers, or even the manufacturer of it, is our unique knowledge of how to use it. 

We are confident there is no one else like us out there in the world!

What magnetic products should you choose,

don’t all magnets work the same?

A common misunderstanding that we have to explain a lot.  The way that the products we use work on the body is very different to other static magnetic products (Magnets with a set magnetic field).  How do we know this?  A cell biologist, called MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek, was in hospital in London and was seriously ill until a patient in an adjoining bed lent him one of the products we use.

After using it for just two days he recovered so quickly from his life threatening condition, he was very surprised, to say the least.  He was understandably grateful; and being a curious person by nature, he spent a year of his spare time researching all the magnetic products he could find.  The one we use was the only one that worked similar to an electro-magnet, which was what it was designed to do by the inventor.  He discovered that no other static magnetic product works like it. 

Very importantly though; the way we teach people to use it is absolutely unique to us, hence our amazing results.

If people want to read about the products we use and the bio-chemistry the scientist thinks it works on; we have put his book, ‘Magnotherapy the Phacts’, on our web site on ‘The Science Bit’.  It can be a fairly tough read in places, but the more biological knowledge people have the more it makes sense.  It is all about pH balance he explains, which is something that the body requires to be healthy at a cellular level.

Why choose Changing Lives and not another supplier?

We have been explaining to people for years that what we do with this magnetic product is unique to us.  It took me a long time to learn how to use it in the ways I do and it is not just wearing a product that gets our customers the outstanding results we get them; it is how it is used.  There is a lot more to it than some people realise, until we teach them what to do.  

With the program we have developed it is not down to chance. We have a unique set of processes to help our customers’ get the most amazing results possible, based upon our many years of exclusive experience.  

Many of our customers’ often state this clearly in their testimonials.  Why not check out what they say in some of them, such as our; Happy Customer Testimonials, our Low Energy Health Conditions Testimonials our Shop Comments Books, our Global Help Program Testimonials, our Benidorm Shop Comments Book, or our Facebook page.  

After all, it’s all about results isn’t it? It is not a fluke that we get such good results. Some people think the information we give them is also given out by other people, but it isn’t.  

Almost all our information is unique to us and is often copyrighted.  It took me a long time to work out how to use these products the way I do and so only our customers’ get my information.

What makes us different?

There are lots of things probably.  However our customers’ often tell us it is that the information we give them; and the stunning level of results we help them get.  Sometimes these are truly life-changing. If people check out our Facebook photos section here; we hope they see what we mean.  

The other thing they mention is our exclusive back-up service called our ‘Global Help Program’, where we can teach anyone how to use the products on at themselves that they get from us, no matter where they live, even if we don’t meet them.

If you know someone in pain, they would be wise to contact us to see what we can offer?

What have they got to lose? 😀

About Changing Lives

Hi there; my name is Phil Watson and I run a unique health business, called Changing Lives. We offer q unique health program to anyone anywhere in the world where I. I have been helping people since 1998, using a specialised magnetic field; in ways I had used on me, to fix my own back problem. I teach people how to use the same products, but in an exclusive way to me, and I have many thousands of satisfied customers now. My Mission is to help many more people to improve their health with a combination of various health options alongside our main health program. Please have a browse through, as what we do is very different.
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