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A:  Changing Lives is run by me, Phil Watson, and my partner, Kathy Coleman.  For many years both Kathy and I have experienced amazing pain relief, from using a unique range of magnetic products.  It seems unbelievable, even now, that something could change our lives so much.  We were in fact satisfied customers ourselves first. 

In 1998 I decided that these results were so good, that I had to tell others about these fantastic products so I became a distributor.  Kathy was still sceptical; however over the coming months she noticed massive improvements, thus was also converted.  Over the years many of our customers also found improvements in their health, not just pain relief but other benefits as well.  Please see our testimonials page, for more information on this.

Further info:-

I had experimented on myself in various ways with several products over the years.  The results were more dramatic than I could have ever dreamed possible.  I realised early on that people might find it too unbelievable to accept what results were possible.  So I developed a unique free sample to show what this product could do, based upon my experience.

Because the results from offering this sample were so impressive, we decided to open a shop near where we lived at the time, in St Ives in Cornwall, to introduce more people to our program and the unique ways we had learned to use the products.  The name of the shop was obvious to Kathy, as it had changed both our lives and many customers’ lives as well, so we named the shop ‘Changing Lives’.  We moved to the Costa Blanca in 2014 to continue our work there.  However we will be moving back to the UK in mid 2019 we hope.

Q:  What makes Changing Lives different?

A:  A very important question indeed, as there are other distributors of many different magnetic products out there.  It’s really all about results though, isn’t it?

We are very confident that we can offer people the highest probability of success.  What makes us so confident of this is my exclusive experience gained by doing my free sample, which I have been perfecting and improving since I started using the products back in 1998, plus helping thousands of other people to use our unique program themselves. 

This unique experience gives me specialist knowledge and  outstanding results, which we know other people simply cannot match, giving our customers’ major advantages and stunning results.  If you go on to the testimonials page and the Facebook testimonials pages, we know that what our customers’ say about us, speaks volumes.  They all know our ways of using the products are very different to anyone else, because they told us so.

Further info:-

My experience has taught me what one’s body can do using this amazing magnetic field in the way I have developed.  I am confident I can achieve incredibly consistent outcomes for other people as well!  Our hope is that by reading our testimonials, or talking to us, you will have confidence in our skills and the specialised form of magnotherapy we offer.

Q:  How can you help me with my health issues when I don’t live anywhere near you?

A:  We have often been asked by people if there was a place nearer to them that they could get the sample or the full program I offer.  The answer to the first part is no, as we explain it is a free sample and it is exclusive to me, so you would have to be near to me for that to happen.  However we now offer our program to people anywhere in the world, using our Global Help Program.

The good news is that people don’t need to meet me and try my free sample, as it was only ever to prove that the program we offer actually works.  Even people who meet us and try the sample, need products to use on themselves, as that is the only way we can help them long term.  A quick fix is of no use at all.

Further info:-

This is not possible to be done for free unfortunately, people have to invest in some products to use on themselves.  I effectively teach people to use our program using a combination of products, with help over the phone, via email, Skype, Facebook or even webcam, based on many years of accumulated knowledge.

With this home program idea we hope to reach more people from around the world without them ever needing to meet us.  The program is often designed for each person by me.  Therefore I need to be in communication with them, or someone that knows them, to make sure I have all the relevant information to advise accordingly.  It is a lot easier than it sounds though.

Q:  Why should we deal with you, what advantage is there for your customers?

A:  Our customers get a massive advantage dealing with us, as I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about how to use these special magnetic products to help people incredibly effectively.  Our customers past and present will be the ones that benefit from my knowledge, as I can now help people almost anywhere in the world using this system.

Q:  What does the program work on?

A:  We cannot state for legal reasons what it will work on; or indeed if it will work at all without scientific proof.  Scientific proof however is all very well, but many things that we take for granted are not completely proven science; such as gravity.  

As we have mentioned previously though we offer a unique free sample to show how it positively affects various pains and problems.  We have listed below just some of the conditions we have successfully carried out this sample on since 1999, but there are many others. 

(Please note, for clarity, we are not claiming that our program will resolve any of these issues, only that our free sample has shown an improvement on all of these conditions, and our customer  testimonials will also show this as well. Many of our customers will gladly confirm this if needed.)


Further info:-

If your condition is not listed above, that doesn’t mean we haven’t demonstrated on it.  We have just listed certain ones that we have contact numbers for, or testimonials of (This is so that should we need to verify that we have demonstrated on a particular issue, we can do so if necessary).  Some of the relevant letters from customers with some of these conditions are on our testimonials page, or our Facebook page as well.  For more information, please give us a call, what have you got to lose?

Q:  What are the chances of it working?

A:  With our exclusive knowledge, we are very confident that our customers will get unbeatable results.  We can also tell you that our success rate is very high, and 95% of our customers keep their products purchased from us.  Many of our customers go on to recommend us to other people they know as well.  Achieving results for our customers is our top priority and ‘our job’ if you like.  We realise that many people are sceptical and think that it won’t work on them, but we know how well it works, and they don’t.  Isn’t it worth a try, or at least worth a chat with us?

If it’s an unbeatable result you want; why not have a word with us?

People that have met us are often amazed at the results we have proved on them. Some had even tried magnets before without success.  Many of these people then went on to have a sample session with us, and found our results were better than they had ever had before.  This is because our knowledge of how to use these products is exclusive to us.

Q:  What about more serious conditions?

A:  We have helped many people over the years with very serious conditions indeed. Many customers with serious problems when they fist used our program were in wheelchairs; or used walking aids, and npw they don’t.  We even have video footage of a lady who hadn’t walked in nearly 15 years until we used our sample on her.  To see that video footage please click here. 

Many of our customers would never have believed what was possible before they met us either, so we will understand if people are sceptical that we can help, but why not give us a try?  Often the best way is to have a chat over the phone, or by email, that way we can assess the person’s problems better.  What do they have to lose?

Q:  In your experience how successful is this program?

A:  It is very successful if people follow our very easy to use program.  Over the years I have met many people who already tried various magnetic products, without success.  Then they try our free sample and they are always stunned to find that it often shows a dramatic improvement temporarily.  Our customers also tell us, that our help and support has been invaluable in getting them the best results from their products.  That is fantastic, because that is our top priority, and we have then done ‘our job’ so to speak.   We are confident we can help most people to achieve a brilliant result.

Q:  What’s it going to cost me?

A:  Costs can vary according to what people actually need and like to wear.  We don’t think our program is expensive though, as we have been pain free and enjoyed years of fantastic health since using them, therefore saving us many thousands of pounds in that time on other things we used to pay for.  Many of our customers have spent much more than the cost of our program before they try our methods.  I personally spent many thousands of of pounds on various things trying to resolve my back issues, and many of our customers have spent much more than that.

Further info:-

Neither of us have had any kind of pain from our old problems now, or been in a situation where we had to go to any form of therapist, as we used to do regularly for many years.  Barring accidents we have both been pain free for many years now.  If like us, or thousands of our customers’, experiences are anything to go by, it will probably cost you more without it. 

Why not just ask yourself these questions? 

How much money have you spent trying to solve your problem so far?

Have any of the products you’ve tried so far achieved the results that you wanted?

Have they been real value for money or not?

After all, if any type of therapy doesn’t work; it is money down the drain.  To save wasting any more of your money on other things, why not try something from us with a high success rate of 95%, and our unique back up service to guide you to the result you want?

What have you got to lose?

Q:  Can we get a free sample from you?

A:  Not really as we no longer run shops any more, but the really good news though is that you don’t have to have a sample from me to get a result.  Using products we can supply and, coupled with our exclusive knowledge of how to teach you to use them, we are confident we can help you to use the program effectively wherever you are.  We call this our Global Help Program.

Further info:-

We only started the sample sessions as a way of showing what results were possible.  We now sell versions of our shop demonstration kit for home use; please contact us for more details on this.

Part of what we are trying to do is help people to have more control over their health, and we believe that using our program the way we now do it is a major factor in helping someone to achieve that.  Our aim is to give people a way of helping themselves to get better, and healthier, without the use of things that have potentially dangerous side effects.

Q:  Is it safe?

A:  Yes, for the vast majority of people, although some people with pacemakers and other magnetically sensitive implants have to be careful, and we ask that they check with their doctor first.

If you have any more questions, or need any help regarding what we do, please feel free to contact us and we will try to be of assistance.

Phil Watson  😀

UK Mobile:                               07925 142563


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Changing Lives 

2 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Wynne Lea says:

    Would your treatment help a balance / dizziness condition I have following a
    fall and blow to the head. I have seen neurosurgeons / consultants about this
    over the last three years without any great success.

    • Hi Wynne, we have had success with this kind of thing before on several occasions, though they were from various causes. I would be interested in seeing what our products would do for you, after all we offer people a money back guarantee if they don’t work, the reason I tried a couple of Bioflow products myself was that money back guarantee. Why not get in contact and have a chat? Whereabouts are you living?

      Kind regards

      Phil Watson

      Changing Lives

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