Our Facebook page for Changing Lives has got quite popular.  We are always looking to add more information about health, so please keep popping back if you want to keep updated with relevant health information.  If you like what we do, can you please share our web site and Facebook page to anyone in pain or poor health.  They need our help and we are sure we can do that.  More information about what people say about what we do can be found from these links:-

Some Customers’ Testimonials

Some Global Treatment Customers’ Testimonials

Some Customers’ Comments In Our Shop Book

Some Video Footage

If you need any information that is not on either the Facebook page, or the website here, or have questions that need information or answers from us, please contact us using the details below, though email is often best:-

Email:                                        changinglives170@gmail.com.

UK Mobile:                               07925 142563

Spain Mobile:                         605 193 570

Best wishes for a pain-free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

Changing Lives 


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