Our Global Treatment Service

This is our unique idea; and we believe one of our most important ones we have ever come up with, which we call our Global Treatment Service.  It has been developed from my shop treatment demonstration.  With this service we hope to reach more people from around the world without them ever meeting us.  We have a section on our Facebook page  that has some testimonials and other information if people use that.  Over the years we have had people travel hundreds of miles sometimes to try my free sample.  This was because they had been told that their condition was permanent, or even untreatable in some cases, and were extremely sceptical that our treatment could help them.

This presented us with a problem, because some people could not get to us, even in the UK, let alone in other countries.  Our Global Treatment Service will overcome this now.  This is because people can get varying versions of our treatment kit, which is to be used by people at home, but under my instruction.  This service is exclusive to me and uses my accumulated knowledge, gained since 1998, and is now available as a treatment option to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The way this works is pretty simple really.  People would buy some products from us, which we then teach them how to use, in my exclusive ways, via Skype, email or phone, or sometimes a combination of these.  Therefore I need to speak to someone that knows the person needing treatment, to make sure I have all the relevant information and can advise accordingly.  This is not a free treatment obviously, as we offer in the shop, as the products cost varying amounts.  

We have successfully treated many people ‘long distance’ over the years, but unfortunately they don’t always send me a testimonial.  Even though some of our customers who wrote us testimonials, such  Kate Tyler (Fibromyalgia),  Barbara Allum (Chronic Regional Myofascial pain) or Anne McCauley (Severe Back Pain) all of whom eventually came down to be treated in St Ives, these three ladies were some of the toughest cases we had ever taken on.  So we hope people realise that we really do not need to meet someone to help them.

The cost of each kit is dependent on what is required to do the job, but can be very reasonable in price, compared to continually paying money out for therapies.  Some of which may well be excellent, but do not resolve the problem to the level that our treatment does.  Therefore using our products can actually save money over the long term and we will always try to make sure the cost is as low as possible.

As I mentioned earlier, we need to discuss the situation in detail with each person, to try to establish just what products are required by each individual.  One thing people should realise though; is that many of our customers had previously spent far more money than the total cost of our products they needed, as Kate, Barbara and Anne had all done, and were often no better off for all that expense.  

Best wishes for a pain-free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

Changing Lives 

UK Mobile:                               07925 142563

Spain Mobile:                         605 193 570


(Copyright  Phil Watson)


8 Responses to Our Global Treatment Service

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  6. Barbara Streeter says:

    I would very much like to know more about the ‘treatment’ that people have experienced in your shop.
    I am unable to visit you there, even though relatively local.
    Please advise me of how we can move forward with this via e-mail, also a rough guide to the initial cost and how I would be able to pay you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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