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Here are some links to our shop comments books and our new Benidorm comments book, where people can see other testimonials regarding our results.  Most of these are from people that tried our free sample treatment in the shops we have run.  However some of them are from people that used our products, and came back to see us in and wanted to show their appreciation of what we had done for them.

This set of testimonials will hopefully give people a better idea of the range of things we have treated over the years.  We believe that the human body is much better at healing itself than some people give it credit for and our treatment in effect aids the healing of the body.   Why not check out our testimonials page as well, if you get a chance?

If you know of anybody suffering with any kind of health issue, anywhere in the world, we would be only too pleased to help them.  All you need to do is to pass our details on to them.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?  Please check out our Global Treatment Service page for details on how we can help people in other countries.

Best wishes for a pain-free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

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2 Responses to Our Shop Comments Books

  1. Sue says:

    I have used products from Phil at Changing Lives; and can recommend their results totally. I have been treated by Phil for an arthritic knee and back several years ago and can now walk without any pain whatsoever. This was due entirely to the use of the products Phil supplied me, together with his treatment, which was done over the phone.

    A couple of years ago I also had to have a shoulder operation following a fall where the rotator – cuff muscle was completely severed. I got back in contact with Phil and over the phone he instructed me how to treat that area from the post-op effects the pain and the lack of movement and strength, which again was resolved by the treatment in incredibly fast time. My physiotherapist could not believe the incredible progress, which I made. In fact a few weeks after the op I was pulling some bushes out of my garden, and even Phil couldn’t believe that was possible, especially as I had been pulling and digging out the roots.

    This was again all down to Phil and his knowledge of how to use the products I had already got from him. I cannot recommend his treatment highly enough; and have done so to lots of other people as well, and have many satisfied pain free friends thanks to his amazing treatment knowledge.

    If you are in pain, you should contact him for a chat at the very least. After all what do you have to lose? I promise it will be worth your time.

    Sue Walshe

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