Our Treatment Program, Products And Services

Our treatment program uses various Bioflow® magnetic products, which are listed lower down the page, often in combination, and sometimes with nutritional products to achieve the results people need and want.  Plus, of course, our unique treatment knowledge to get the best possible results.

We also are suppliers of a range of Xenca supplements for nutrition, health and well-being, as well as their natural skin care and organic makeup.    We are confident that if people check out the amazing green nutrition based supplement Five A Day+V (One of the best health supplements we have ever found), and  Revitalise Collagen, they will be of interest to many other people as well. For more Information on the full Xenca range, just click here.)

We may also recommend some Good Health Naturally products as part of our program, as their effectiveness in certain situations makes them a worthy investment.  One such supplement is Serrapeptase, often called the ‘Miracle Enzyme’, which has a vast amount of research behind it regarding health improvements, and has helped Kath and I to heal certain skin conditions, though it does much more than that. Many of our customers have also found it beneficial.

You may have heard the expression: “It’s not what you’ve got it’s the way that you use it.” This is certainly true of our treatment and the techniques we teach people to use Bioflow, which are unique to us here at Changing Lives.  We offer our customers our exclusive back-up treatment information service, so that they can get unbeatable results using the products they get from us.  If someone wants a truly amazing result, then we are positive they need to be dealing with us.

For more information on what we can offer, it is often best to contact us for a chat or drop us a line?

Please note that currently this site has no direct ordering facility for any Bioflow® products, as we need to discuss what products are required for the treatment program we do.  Unlike the supplements we sell, which have information and an ordering facility from the web site, they can be ordered from the relevant web site links.  However, if someone needs ore information on any products we sell, they should contact us and we can take orders over the phone and post products to most countries around the world.

Our contact details are as follows: Our Tesco mobile phone, 07925 142563, in the UK and other countries, or by email at – changinglives170@gmail.com, or ring 605 193 570 in Spain. 

The reasons for this are many, but the main one is that we use Bioflow® in a completely unique way and in order to achieve the best results we prefer to have some sort of communication with people regarding their health condition/s.  This may include discussing what type of product, or combination of products, they might require and how to use them in our unique ways.

If you need any further information regarding anything on the site please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to be of assistance.

The Bioflow® range of products

Our long experience of using various Bioflow® products, has led us to the following conclusions.  There are varying levels of effectiveness of different Bioflow wristbands; some work better than others for various reasons.  We are confident that our results speak volumes about how different we are and with our exclusive knowledge of how to use them.  We are certain that it is these little extra bits of knowledge that give our customers a massive advantages and results that are incredible.  

People that have met us will likely be aware of what we do, but we thought it might be wise to explain here more about what we offer with our treatment.  We are unique in the world, we offer something no one else does, or can offer.  We have a specialised treatment program, which uses Bioflow magnetic products, often in combination and with our exclusive knowledge and information about how to use the products.

No one else has our experience, as many of our customers will testify to; and some testimonials of those people can be found on our Facebook page here.  If people take the time to check out what people say about us; and some of our customers will gladly speak to others personally, then we are confident they will see we are very different to anyone else.

Some people don’t realise that our treatment is based on our use of various products, and sometimes supplements as well, followed by our exclusive back-up service to guide our customers through their healing journey.  Our success rate is exceptionally high; and we are confident that what we offer cannot be matched by many other people or treatments. That’s why we offer a 6 month money back guarantee on our treatment program.

We have listed below the four main types of Bioflow products we recommend for our treatment.  Our program is not just about wearing the products in any old way.  We have advice and information that only we can give our customers.  So, if people want the best results, the best way is to contact us by email or phone.  The details are on our contacts page, and we can answer whatever questions they have and explain what we can offer them.

We don’t recommend all Bioflows, as our experience has shown us that our treatment program needs certain strength ones, and often a combination of things on very severe problems.  If you check out our customers testimonials, you will see how amazing our results can be.  However, this is just a fraction of our many thousands of customers; and our success rate is around 99% on many conditions.  So we hope people contact us to find out why our treatment is so effective, but that’s because we have many different ways of using it that other people are unaware of.

Our customers are always recommending other people to us.  Some of those people used Bioflow on themselves without getting the results we get for our customers.  They were amazed to find our results when using it were far superior with our help.  We proved this over the years on people by giving them a free sample demonstration using our special knowledge.  If you want the best results, you need the best advice, and we know our advice is just that, the best.  If you’ve tried our free sample, then we are sure you will know that to be the case.

Here are some of the magnetic products we recommend:

1)         The Explorer 2 has a powerful ‘CRP’ magnet in a stainless steel module making it very durable.  It has an adjustable fibre strap, which can be replaced separately, if needed in the future, and there is a secondary ‘relay’ magnet built-in the strap to increase it’s effectiveness.

The Explorer 2 is available in Black, Blue, Red or Pink and in two widths.  18mm wide adjustable strap in various lengths; Short (130 – 160mm), Long (155 – 185mm), Extra-Long (180 – 210mm) and Extra-Extra Long (Black only) (210 – 245mm) and in a Ladies 14mm wide strap (130 – 160mm, or 160 – 190mm) in the same colours.

Explorer 2


2)         The Executive is a leather strap version of the Explorer 2.  It is smart and comfortable and is adjustable.  The module used is again stainless steel and has a powerful ‘CRP’ magnet and the strap is made from high quality leather and has a ‘relay’ magnet built-in the strap.

The Executive is available with a Black or Brown leather strap and in an 18mm wide strap (170 – 190mm).  There is also a Ladies in a 14mm wide strap as well, but as yet it is only available in Black.

               Executive (black)               Exec-brown

  Black Executive                                         Brown Executive

£100                                                                 £100

3)         The Elite has a “watch type” fixed link strap, which is adjustable.  The main module features a powerful ‘CRP’ module and a ‘relay’ magnet in the slider on the metal strap.

The Elite is available in two styles:  Stainless Steel or the ‘Two-Tone’, which is a combination of Stainless Steel and Gold Plate.

It is available in:- Small module (120 – 200mm) and Large module (140 – 220mm).

                                                Elite (two-tone)

                          Stainless Steel Elite                                      Two-Tone Elite

                                       £120                                                                   £125

4)         The Pirouette is designed with linked Bioflow® ‘logos’.  We can supply extra links to lengthen it to fit any wrist size.  It is magnetically the most effective wrist Bioflow® made, as it has two powerful ‘CRP’ modules built into the bracelet.

The Pirouette is available in Stainless Steel or Gold Plate; and both can be supplied with extra links.  Each extra link is 16 mm in length and cost £3.50 each.  This is a very useful option, as we can supply the Pirouette to fit any size wrist.  Plus, people that have restrictions on wearing anything on their wrist, such as nurses, can wear it on their ankle.  It is very important that we know the wrist size of the customer, to supply any extra links that might be needed, or if they intend to wear it on the ankle.  

It is available in:-  Short (160mm) and Standard (178mm) plus extra links as mentioned earlier.     


                    Stainless Steel Pirouette                        Gold Plated Pirouette                                                            £135                                                             £145


Pirouette Rose Gold

Rose Gold Plated Pirouette


The Boost kit extra treatment kit contains 6 powerful ‘CRP’ magnets set in three pairs of interchangeable pads, which can be attached to the three length straps supplied.  A fantastic product developed for treating severe pain and is normally used as well as a wristband, it is exceptionally effective in fast pain relief, and every home would benefit from having one, especially with our unique knowledge of how to use it.

An absolute bargain at just £120.

main_Boost1Phil 004Phil 005

Boost Belt


Some final notes on the Bioflow® treatment products we promote:- 

Our customers often state that it is our exclusive experience of using Bioflow’s® products as the main reason why they get such amazing results.  Our unique knowledge, along with the telephone and internet support we offer, produces fast and unbeatable results.  This is true even if we never meet people face to face and they are using our ‘Global Treatment Service’.  More info and some testimonials from people who have used this system can be found on our Facebook page

Both Kathy’s health and my own improved; after using various Bioflow® products in a particular way, this is why we started promoting them in the first place.  We were primarily satisfied customers, yet became interested in helping others to achieve improvements in their health, just as we did.

Feel free to contact us regarding any further information you need.  Some of the measurements and sizes we quote may be different to some mentioned in the manufacturers information but our sizes we guarantee to be correct.

Our Exclusive ‘Global Treatment Service’

This unique service we offer is one of the most important things we have ever devised.  I developed this treatment idea from my shop demonstration.  What does this mean for our customers?  We can treat them without ever meeting them!  Over the years we have had people travel hundreds of miles to try out my unique free sample treatment often because they had been told that their condition was incurable.  This was always a problem as some people could not get to us, even from within the UK.   

Now our new service will overcome this problem and people can get varying versions of the shop demonstration kit for treatment at home, which is used under my instruction.  With this home version of my shop treatment kit we hope to reach more people from around the world.  It is unique to me and uses my accumulated knowledge, gained since 1998, and is now available to anyone anywhere in the world. 

The cost of what products a person would need depends on what is required by that individual, but the results will be greater than people can imagine; and in fact can be very cost effective compared to many other treatments over time.  Many of our customers have spent much more than our treatment costs in real terms.



Before you order anything

Over the years our customers have found it beneficial to prevent any potential issues arising if people speak with us, where possible, before ordering.  This is because it is easier to use our knowledge to make sure that you get the right type of product or products, preventing delays or problems later. 

We know that ordering ‘online’ is supposed to be an easy thing to do, but we have designed our site to be an information site, so we prefer to speak to people about any treatment products prior to purchase.  However the supplements we do, such as Xenca or Good Health Naturally, can be ordered through the site using any highlighted links, such as the ones above, as the information on these is either on the page concerned, or on the ordering site.

Please remember we are here to help, we would appreciate you contacting us by email or telephone once you are ready to order.  This helps us to eliminate any potential issues with your order. 

Our experience of using these products has taught us that it is very important to have a proper discussion about what exactly is required.  This is especially true in the case of the Bioflow range, to make sure people get the right products to treat their problems successfully.  All we need is a brief chat over the telephone, or by email, to establish some facts, and once that is done we can proceed. 

We pride ourselves on our ‘old fashioned service’ and by using our exclusive knowledge we expect to get the best results possible, for each of our customers.  We can also send out a free brochure on the various products in the post if needed, which has some of our own information in.

Our aim is to get any orders dispatched within 2 working days, subject to stock availability.  Once you are happy with your choice/s, and if you would like to order something, then just contact us by UK mobile, or email and we can explain what payment options we have available.  Once someone has their products we can start to help their issues.

We sincerely hope that people will contact us, after all, what do you have to lose?  Best wishes for a pain free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

UK Mobile:                            07925 142563

Spain Mobile:                       605 193 570

Email:                                    changinglives170@gmail.com

We are also associates for Xenca health and beauty products.  Information can be found at this web site about those at Our Xenca Shop.  These are the best supplements we have ever used, and we thoroughly recommend them for our customers.  The results they give, when taken regularly, are amazing.  We also now sell and take health supplements from the superb Good Health Naturally,  such as the stunning SerraEnzyme -serrapeptase. Why not check our supplements out, we assure you that you would be well advised to do that.  Our two best selling products are the collagen and five a day+, which are just superb. 


9 Responses to Our Treatment Program, Products And Services

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  2. Shaun Plunkett says:

    Will ring tomorrow regarding watch type
    Product for a friend, it’s her birthday on Saturday would it be possible to get this product before then?
    I will give you a ring tomorrow to order the stainless steel version .

  3. Barry scott says:

    Phil i was in see you in the shop in spain on fri sorry i didnt get back to see you on Monday before i let things changed i had back and arm pain well i want you get in touch i want your products for my pain relief yours Barry Scott

  4. Janet Taylor says:

    Hi Phil
    Hope you remember us we came in a couple of weeks ago about my knees and my husbands knee, both are improving and people are remarking that I am walking better, I suppose in time it will get even better . You said if I got in touch with you that you would give me some exercises for my calves and ham strings.
    We have been taking the collegen hydrolysate but could you tell me if there are any side effects as I have had a funny stomach and just wondering if it is that and could you also let me know if you sell the powder.
    We have booked to come back to Benidorm next May so look forward to that. Regards to you and your wife and thanks for all your help


    Janet and Charlie Taylor

  5. patel says:

    This is Patel. I have lower back pain and my bum also pain.
    I have also c5 and ç6 cervical spine pain.
    And also knee pain.

    • Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been locked out of my site unbeknown to me, so didn’t receive this information. We need to have a chat to explain how we can help with those issues, We need to have a chat as to what is needed for our treatment to work properly. Thanks Phil Watson

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