Our Xenca Shop

We have several ways for people to order. 

For the nutritional products such as Xenca, people can go to Our Xenca Shop, or they can order items over the phone (07925 142563)Many people have questions they need answers to, or other information about the range that Xenca and GHN do, so often a phone chat is as good a way as any. 

For our Changing Lives treatment products we have no online facility at present, as we know it is better to have a chat with the person over the phone, email or via Facebook or Skype.  This is because it is very often important to have a conversation about the person (or persons), their condition (or conditions) and what kinds of products etc. that they might require to treat themselves.  

Our customers have often commented that our unique approach to using Bioflow has proved the difference and that starts from something as simple as a chat.  Why not check out some of their testimonials etc. that will hopefully prove we are very different.  Plus there are our unique ‘Global Treatment Service’ Testimonials, where we help people that we sometimes never meet.

Best wishes for a pain-free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

UK Mobile:                               07925 142563

Email:                                        changinglives170@gmail.com

Facebook Page:                       ChangingLivesStIves

Xenca Web Site:                      Our Xenca Shop

Xenca associate number:      1289

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