The Amazing Five A Day+ V

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five_a_dayOne of the most popular products in the Xenca range; and both Kathy and I take on a daily basis, is the incredible unique blend of super effective nutrition called Five a day+ V. 

Five a day+ V gives many more health benefits than people can imagine and lots of our customers have discovered this to be true when they take it for a while, as it is a nutritional powerhouse for the body.  Do yourself a favour and try Five a day+ V for just three months and let us know how you find it.

Five a Day+ V Powder

(Available in  Supergreen Berry Blend)


250g – £38.50                                                500g – £74.50

Our Xenca Shop


    Five a Day+ V Capsules

(Available in Supergreen Berry Blend)


250 capsules – £43.50                                                 500 capsules – £85.00

Our Xenca Shop


To order any of the Xenca products please go to:  Our Xenca Shop

Best wishes for a pain-free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

Changing Lives

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