What Makes Changing Lives Different?

This is a very important question indeed, and one we are often being asked, as there are other suppliers of health products and various treatments out there.  So what makes us at Changing Lives the best bet to improve your health?  There are several reasons why we are positive that people really need to be dealing with us.  The 5 most important ones are listed below.

1)    Probably the most important difference of all is our Global Help Program.  This is effectively a service which utilises my exclusive knowledge of how to use the products that people get from us.  With a little bit of help from me, they can be used in my special ways by almost anyone wherever they live in the world.  We can pretty much guarantee the results will amaze people that use us, as long as they follow our simple instructions.  The results of this unique service will soon prove why our customers’ rave about what we do. 

My knowledge of using the products along with our ‘over the phone’ or ‘via the internet’ help we offer, is what customers tell us is the crucial reason why they get such amazing results.  It is not just a ‘use the products and hope’ scenario with us, as it is if people buy the products and just wear them.  I have many ‘tricks of the trade’ at my disposal; and nearly 20 years unique experience of using them in totally different ways to anyone else. 

We are positive our customers will get unbeatable results, even if we never meet them personally, or they live in another country.  Our Facebook page has some testimonials on our Global Help Program, which explains more about this service, or our Facebook page with various testimonials as well.

Some of our customer testimonials clearly state the benefits of this unique service and if you click here, you can read what some people have said about us on our Facebook page for Changing Lives.  Please don’t just take our word for it, or any other person who is selling other health products actually, we always advise people to take a look and see what people say about them, and us. 

After all people can generally ‘suss’ out a dodgy company or testimonial we find.  If needed we can put people in contact with many of our customers, they really won’t mind talking to others about us. 

We hope the testimonials we have, as well as a bit of video footage, which still makes us smile every time we watch it, might help people to see how different we are from other people.

2)    Our results are highly consistent and we know they will be, and are, often better than people can imagine for themselves.  We are certain that this is due to our exclusive knowledge of using the products we use and supply.  And in the end it is all about results isn’t it?

3)    Many of our customers recommend us to other people because of their amazing results.  Why not check out our testimonials page or our customer comments books to see what people have said about us?

4)    Our unique free sample, has given us exclusive experience on how to get the best results possible using the products we supply.  We are very confident that our results will be unbeatable, as we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge over the years.

5)     We have met hundreds of people who had already tried all sorts of things before they met us, and those people had varying results.  Many of those people then tried our free sample, or tried our full program, and the results almost always amazed them.

More info: –

We have a passion for what we do, this is much more than a job to us; and we have a commitment to getting all of our customers superb and unbeatable results.  That is our promise to our customers, and we really mean it when we say that we can deliver the best results possible.

We hope this has explained enough about why we are different, but if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.  Please don’t suffer any longer than you have to.  We promise we will give you, or other people you know, better results than you, or they, can possibly imagine.

If you know anyone suffering from pain or serious illness, anywhere in the world, we would like to have a chance to help them.  We promise we can do more for them than they can imagine.

Plus we have added the excellent Xenca nutrition range to our recommended products, which has improved the results our customers get to an even better level, which is fantastic.  And in February 2017, we joined another health company, one we have recommended since about the year 2000, as their products are stunning.  Now we are agents for the amazing Good Health Naturally, we hope that our customers do what we have done, and try some of the superb products they do, especially the ‘Miracle Enzyme’ Serrapeptase.  Just that supplement alone is worth taking every day.

Best wishes for a pain-free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

Changing Lives

UK Mobile:                                 07925 142563

Email:                                          changinglives170@gmail.com

Facebook Page:                         Changing Lives St Ives

Web Site:                                    Changing Lives St Ives.com

Xenca Web Site:                        Our Xenca Shop

Xenca associate number:       1289

Good Health Naturally:          Good Health Naturally

(Copyright  Phil Watson)

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