We have a video section on our web site.  Hopefully people will check it out at some point to see what we can offer in the way of our therapy, results and other options.  There will be more videos added in time, meanwhile we have loaded a few for the moment for people to check out. 

Phil Watson  😀

Changing Lives

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Our Happy Customers Love Us And We love Helping Them

We always love to hear from our very happy customers, of which there are many thousands over the years, we are pleased to say.  It is especially nice when they pop in to see us again.  This was the case today when one such customer, Craig Roach, came back to thank us personally for the results that our treatment and products had achieved for him on his shoulder pain, hip pain and poor sleep.  We taught him how to use the products at home and he was very grateful that we had managed to help him change his life for the better. 

Craig had tried our free sample in our shop back in August 2012 and was so impressed by the difference he felt that he decided to try some of our products afterwards.  He is very grateful that he used us now.   (Not that people need a free sample from us, just our unique knowledge of how to use their own products themselves.  We call this our ‘Global Treatment Service’ and it is proving very popular so far.)

fb 55

So today, 6th March 2014, we did our free demonstration on his wife for her breathing problems to show what we can do; as she was sceptical we could help her.  She was also impressed enough afterwards to order herself some products.  So once she gets them we will see how things go for her, but we are expecting another great testimonial from her as well though.

Plus they are also ordering some of the amazing superfood Five a day+.  We are looking forward to their finding out how incredibly good that product is as well.   People should really try Five a day+ out for a few months, they will soon realise how fantastic you feel when you take it.   It is truly the best supplement we have ever taken by far and we are confident the best nutritional value for money in the world.

Do you know someone in pain or poor health that needs our help?  😀

#shoulderpain  #hippain  #poorsleep #fiveadayplus  


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We Have Treated Some Famous People In Our Time

We have demonstrated our treatment on and sold various products to many thousands of people since 1998.  This includes some possibly more well-known people such as; Ex Arsenal footballer Frank McLintockMagda Szubanski (Who starred in ‘Kath and Kim’), Natalie Mendoza who came in with Magda on the same day and was in ‘Hotel Babylon’ at the time, Haircut 100 singer/songwriter Nick Hayward of Haircut 100 fame (pictured below) (Possibly his best known hit is ‘fantastic day’).   

Nick Heyward

and professional International golfer Ian Woosnam (Most often known affectionately as Woosie). 

Ian Woosnam

We went over to Jersey to treat Woosie as he was suffering from severe back pain and M.E. and was unable to play golf or even walk for long, which was seriously affecting his golf back in 2007, after sadly having to withdraw from the Augusta Masters due to the problem.  After trying our treatment he was so impressed he bought quite a lot of products from us and for many years his career earnings improved massively as he was out of pain since using them.  

Possibly one of the most important ‘famous person’ we met was Janey Lee Grace from the Steve Wright in the Afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 who was suffering from Hip and Neck Pain.  Janey had heard about Bioflow previously from one of her listeners, but we did something that she had never heard of or seen before, a free sample treatment using Bioflow (Which is unique to us here at Changing Lives by the way) and she decided to try it.  Below is a picture taken outside our old shop when she popped back to see us a few months after we first met. 

Janey Lee Grace at our old shop

Janey very kindly wrote about the results of our free sample session on her and our unique work in two of her books.  The first book was ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ and the other was ‘Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler’.  (Though both unfortunately contain our old, now discontinued, web site and phone number as does the old sign above, our new correct contact details are on this web site)

Janey Lee Grace book photo

Here is a copy of some of the things she wrote about us on pages 168-9, including the testimonial of my very sceptical partner, Kathy, who had used Bioflow, with some help from me of course, to resolve her allegedly incurable ‘genetic’ Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dermatitis, PMS, circulation problems and severe High Blood Pressure.  Unfortunately there is a mistake as Kath had been pain free since 1999 so longer than 3 years in fact.

Janey Lee Grace about us 1Janey Lee Grace about us 2

Janey’s books are always an excellent read on various natural remedies and treatments not just what we do; trust us they are worth checking out.  However as she discovered; and subtly suggested in her first book in the section above, the ways we use Bioflow are utterly unique, as many of our customers, and their testimonials on our web site and Facebook page, hopefully go some way to proving.

Janey was very surprised we offered a free sample treatment as well as a 6 month money back guarantee on the products she bought from us.  We do this to show how confident we are in the level of results we can offer people.  After all with us it is all about the incredible results possible not just any old average results. 

Now we have added the incredibly effective Xenca nutrition range to our armoury, such as the amazing Five A Day+ superfood (Truly the best supplement we have ever taken, and we have tried many we can assure you), the Revitalise Collagen (Excellent for improving joint pain, arthritis or skin condition for example) to the stunning Nutrition and Wellbeing products and more, we can guarantee even better and faster results than people can imagine.  

If you know someone in pain or in poor health, anywhere in the world, please get them to check out what we offer.  Our success rate has surprised many thousands of people so far, even with conditions they have been told are incurable such as Fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue, Lupus, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Trigeminal Neuralgia and many, many more.

What is there to lose by checking us out?  

Phil Watson  😀  

Changing Lives St Ives  

Helping people out of pain one person at a time.

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Valentine’s Day Offers On Xenca Products

Hi everybody, why not check out the Valentine’s Day Special Offers on selected products at our Xenca Shop.  Xenca have a fabulous range of beauty products and there are several bargains to be had at this time.  

To view more information about any of the Xenca products just go to our Changing Lives web site where hopefully the information you need on them can be found.  If not please contact us and we will do our very best to help.   To see the Valentine’s Day Beauty offers just go to our Xenca Shop where people can click on the left hand menu where there is a link to them and a normal shopping cart facility.

For your information these include;

Buy one Xenca Skin Care Travel Bag and get another product, such as the Xenca Anti-Aging Cream or Eye Makeup Remover HALF PRICE

Buy an Eye Contouring Gel and get a stunningly effective Anti-Ageing Cream HALF PRICE

Buy any Lipstick and get a Lipgloss HALF PRICE

Buy a Mascara and get an Eyeliner HALF PRICE, or any Eyeshadow HALF PRICE

Buy a Blush of any style and get a Concealer HALF PRICE.

There are other bargains in other parts of the range as well, such as the Nutrition and Wellbeing Range where you can BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on the following supplements;

Vitamin B complex, Iron and Vitamin B, A-Z Multi-Vitamins and Minerals, Children’s Chewable Multivitamins and Minerals, Calcium Chewable, Folic Acid and Co Enzyme Q10.  

On the Weight Control Products you can BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on Carb Blockers, Chilli Slim and Chitosan.

The Collagen Revitalise Joints supplement is on offer at BUY 2 GET 1 FREE.

Hope you find something you like and save money as well.

Phil & Kathy

Changing Lives St Ives


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What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY) New Light on Cancer (With thanks to Professor Keith Scott-Mumby)

In the natural health world there are many champions, including us of course we hope people feel, and  much of the information we have learned from some of these people has been very useful to ourselves and lots of our clients over the years.  We are always glad to spread the truth about natural remedies and any other ‘good guys’ even when people try to stop the truth coming out, in this case information about some natural remedies for cancer. 

With that in mind, the following information is taken from an e-newsletter we receive from one of our many excellent natural remedy sources, Professor Keith Scott-Mumby,who lives in the USA now.  We believe that this information, which we have printed below (with his kind permission) is important enough for us to add it to our website blogs.  

We have done this so that people can decide for themselves whether they want to follow-up this information or not.   With better information you can have more options we are sure.  As subscribers to the magazine he is talking about, we already knew about this particular information, and posted it on my personal Facebook page as well.  However many people do not know of their excellent work and hopefully by lots of people spreading the word about WDDTY any other ‘good guys’, like the Prof, then more people can get better informed as well.

As fans of both the Prof and WDDTY, we can thoroughly recommend them both.  If anyone wants to know more about either of these as sources of information our advice is to go to their web sites and get connected to them.  The Prof’s e-newsletters are always excellent, and value his information highly.   There is a link to him for that reason on our website as well.

We also liked his dissection of the attacking forces and their possible motivation.  As a highly qualified person, we are confident he speaks the truth and the opponents of this information do not.  If you get a chance please let us know what you think of this on here or our Facebook page, where we will be adding a post for people to get access to this blog as well.  

Phil & Kathy

Changing Lives St Ives

 Issue 43 | Date: Jan 31, 2014

The Forces of Evil & Darkness
On The Move, Yet Again…

My friend Lynne McTaggart is at the center of a storm once again. Forces which don’t want the public to read good news on cancer alternatives tried to shut down her magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You (known affectionately as WDDTY).It’s all reminiscent of the storm I found myself in last summer, when Marcus Freudenmann and I were threatened by anonymous government heavies, for daring to talk openly to the public about cancer!*

I’ve known Lynne for over 20 years. I gave her some advice on her daughter’s health. I was one of the early medical advisors for WDDTY. I worked a “naughty” for her, by allowing her to clandestinely use my reader’s card for the Royal Society Of Medicine. The library there is one of the finest in Europe and she or her minions were able to do a lot of research among medical journals, at no cost, on the pretense they were working for me!

When her first book came out, I was asked for a comment for the cover and described her as “a thorn in the side of conventional medicine”. That was an understatement!

These days, of course, Lynne is best-known for her spiritual books, starting with the amazing, inspiring and well-researched The Field, and has gone off in a rather different direction.

But WDDTY flourishes as always and continues to be reviled by the self-appointed guardians of what the public ought to be allowed to know. And with the November 2013 issue (just out on the newsstands), things got very nasty in what I call the “War About Cancer” (not the war against cancer, the war about the right to personal choices and to circulate knowledge on this hoary topic).

Clearly, the ugly forces that control public information on cancer in the UK did not want that issue to be circulated and read. It contained, among other things, a gripping article about the successful use of homeopathy in treating deadly cancers, like brain tumors (glioma). In the process, it made conventional cancer therapy seem very poor indeed; which it is, of course.

Probably because Lynne and her co-editor/husband Bryan Hubbard had announced they were going to publish a special cancer alternatives issue, the forces of greed and evil were up in arms, ready. They tried to pressurize shops not to sell the magazine, using threats and bullyboys tactics. “They” stage managed an attack in The Times newspaper, which contained malicious falsehoods, published on October 1st.

The so-called “charity”, Sense About Science (actually a front group for Big Pharma), assembled what was claimed to be a group of experts, including doctors, scientists and patients, who condemned the disinformation that WDDTY was putting out.

They bombarded stores selling the magazine with emails; took it higher, to the AdvertizingStandards Association, with complaints about WDDTY advertizers (in an attempt to scare them off and bring down the magazine financially) and called for WDDTY to be “banned”.

The disinformation about Lynne and her team was wild, aggressive and evil. It got into The Times (a sorry shame to that ancient paper, now a filthy rag under Murdoch’s aegis). Without even bothering to check the accusations, the paper went ahead and printed. What was obvious, says Hubbard, is that not one of the journalists had actually read the article they were complaining about.

The next thing, it’s escalated to TV and The Wright Stuff, a seedy Channel 5 show with failed journalist Matthew Wright. No-one from the program bothered to check the story or the facts with WDDTY! It’s unbelievable. Instead, a picture of Lynne was flashed on the screen and then they tore into her, with no right of reply, parroting the same ugly claims circulated by Sense and Science and The Times. It was open season on WDDTY.

All this—please note—before the issue was even written, never mind in print!

Why? You can read this fascinating issue yourself and find out: the editors have generously decided to circulate it free, all round the world. So this is just to say that it reveals fascinating work showing that homeopathy is MORE successful than chemo and, of course, less dangerous and not distressing like the “proper” treatment. So much so that 6 out of 7 glioma patients had complete regression. That’s unheard of.

More: it turns out that MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) in Houston, Texas, got involved in researching homeopathic remedies and were so impressed by the results, that MDACC is now offering homeopathic treatment. The US National Cancer Institute is also impressed and have called for more research.

So, my friends, that story has moved on considerably. It’s hard to see how this is going to get swept under the carpet. But…

THIS IS IMPORTANT: I want to help WDDTY get this knowledge out to as many people as possible. Go to the site, using this link, and download your own copy. (no email required)

But as a return favour to WDDTY, be sure to get several of your friends to do the same and get THEM to spread it to their friends. Within a few iterations, we could have the knowledge in front of hundreds of millions of people. What better way to spite your enemies than flourish and succeed!

Do it fast. The forces of darkness may figure out some new devious trick to get the web page taken down.

The only answer to beating the army of evil and folly is to spread the word.

You should also consider taking out a subscription to WDDTY.

*In my case, it led to an invitation to address the European Parliament in October about the poor value of conventional therapies and how simple, safe alternatives good save governments from staggering and unnecessary health costs.


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby


1. New Scientist, 22 January 2014, p. 10. by Catherine Brahic
2. PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1320115111

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Xenca – Stunning Products – Superb Value For Money

Things have come a long way since the launch of the British company Xenca back in April 2012.  A fabulous range of their health and beauty products is now available via our Changing Lives Web Site.  Xenca is one of the most amazing companies we have ever been involved with and has some of the best health, beauty and nutritional products we have ever found.

A great example of this is the beauty ranges they have developed, such as the ‘Eternity’ Natural Skin Care and ‘Perfection’ Organic Makeup.  Both of these ranges offer outstanding quality at very competitive prices indeed.  These fabulous products are really starting to take the beauty world by storm.  Once people try any of them they are very often stunned by the excellent quality for the price.  Here are a short couple of videos about them:-  –

collage 2

What type of beauty products do you buy and what are you paying for them compared to Xenca? 

Here is a comparison price list Xenca put together a while back between their beauty products and some well known brands.   By comparing products, such as moisturiser, with equivalent like for like by weight, it makes very interesting comparison we feel.  What do you think?  

beauty products price comparison web site

beauty products price comparison web site 2

(The prices of some of the competitors may have altered since it was done back in October, but we doubt that they would be much lower, if they have changed at all.)  Please check out our website to see more about the products.  We are confident that people will be surprised if they try any of them.  

There also Xmas special offers on certain products including many in the beauty range making them even better value at the moment.  Why not grab a bargain at Our Xenca Shop now?  More info on that can be found here:-

Here is a short video about the Natural Beauty Experience by Xenca.  This is a way for Xenca associates to show people, who would like to try the products’ ‘first hand’, just how good they are in real life.  This can be done in the home, or at events such as beauty shows etc. 

earn £300 - £500 a month

Many associates that are currently registered in our team will be offering this live demonstration over the coming months and years. 

We are also looking for more people, who would like to earn £300 – £500 a month part-time extra income, and a lot more if they want to, by becoming Xenca associates as we are.  If you know of anyone who would like to do that in the UK, we would like to speak to them?


Phil & Kathy

Changing Lives St Ives

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We Have Had Some Amazing Moments Over The Years

Kathy and I are often meeting old customers from many years ago.  It is still amazing to us both that we have been helping people get improvements in their health since 1998, that’s 15 years now, which is just fabulous.  We started our shop comments books in 2010, when we opened the second shop in Chapel Street St Ives. 

Though we have lots of stunning testimonials in these books, there are many more people we have demonstrated on, or are happy satisfied customers of ours using their products in our special ways, who haven’t written in them.  We wish we had done the books from the beginning; as there would be many, many more testimonials to show what our unique treatment can offer.

However there have been lots of other great moments for Kathy and I to remember and enjoy, not just these ones, which were not written down, but we can still recall with great pride and were often very emotional.  Moments like the day that Edie Ford walked around the shop (Well rock and roll danced actually, much to her husband’s astonishment) after being in a wheelchair for years while awaiting a knee replacement as her knee was so bad.   She did write us a great testimonial later on though. 

Or the video footage of the moment Cathy Lawrence walked for the first time in many years, which fortunately some of her family filmed on their mobile phone because they were so stunned.  Most of her 8 family members in the shop were in tears.  You just have to love the surprise written all over her face in this photo, as she prepared to try to walk unaided. 

Cathy Lawrence photo.TIF

She was convinced she would not be able to do that, and you can understand why I suppose, as she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), both of which are allegedly incurable and walking had been impossible for years.

We have seen what amazing results the human body can produce, if you know how to help it.  Our unique knowledge and experience, gained over many years, allows us to help a person even though we may never meet them.  This is called our ‘Global Treatment Service’, as we can do it pretty much anywhere around the world. 

Some people still doubt the results our treatment can give, which is frustrating in a way, but in reality those people that decide not to use us are the ones losing out, as our happy customers would confirm if they spoke to some of them.

Many people travel here to see us in St Ives, from all around the UK to try my free sample, as they are so sceptical, but we wish they would just go with our treatment protocol and let us help them and save them all the costs of coming here, but that is often their choice. 

One doctor we treated in Gillingham recently is bringing his mother down in the New Year, as she is over from Malaysia because he was so impressed with our treatment.  Another person is flying his partner over from Thailand as he was also impressed with what we do.   However, these people do not need to do that, as some of our most successful results have been on people with exceptionally severe conditions whom we have treated long distance or by Skype. 

People such as Kate Tyler who had severe Fibromyalgia and is now a boxing coach.


or Anne McCauley and her severe Back Pain 

Anne McCauley 1

or Paul Harness and his Prolapsed Discs

Paul Harness

or Barbara Allum and her Chronic Pain

Admittedly some of these people have been so much better that they decided to come down and see us and have a ‘blast’ session, but that was their choice, we would have got the same results if they used our products at home in our unique ways.

So if you know anyone in pain, no matter where they live please get them to contact us and we can explain how we can help them.  Don’t let them suffer any longer; we really can change their life.

Do you know someone we can help?

Phil Watson & Kathy Coleman

Changing Lives St Ives

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