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Hello and welcome to our web site for Changing Lives, which is run by me, Phil Watson, and my partner Kathy Coleman.  Over the years I developed a unique and incredibly effective way of using some patented magnetic products.  The results of using these products in our unique ways can give stunning and often life changing results. 

I learned to do this by using it on myself and my partner, Kathy, many years ago.  This led me to offer people a free sample treatment on anyone who wanted to try one.  It took me several years to get the results to the level they are now though.  Since 1999 I have demonstrated on many thousands of people, a list of some of those conditions can be found on the ‘What Conditions Do We Treat’ page.

These include health issues such as Fibromyalgia or M.E. or other energy disorders, arthritis, joint pains (such as knee and hip pain) and back pain to name a few, although we have success on many other conditions as well.  Many of our customers have been amazed at the results we got for them and some have kindly written to us.  A few of them can be found on our testimonials page or in our comments books. and there are lots on our Facebook Photos Page. There is also some short video footage here as well of a lady we treated. 

Maybe if you check some of them out you will see our historical success rate is pretty impressive?  Often what other people say about what we do is better than we can say.  They know that what we do is different and would all say that people really need to be contacting us.  We guarantee our results are impressive and we use products very differently to anybody else. 

If you know someone in pain, why not give us a call and find out more about what we do? 

The testimonials we receive are truly amazing, and we are very honoured to have helped many thousands of people to have a better quality of life.  We hope to help you too!  Please take a look around our website to see what we have done; and please pass our details on to other people who need our help. 

In 2008, I developed my unique Global Treatment Service, which is based upon my extensive knowledge of how to use the products we supply in my unique free sample treatment.  Now I am confident I can get amazing results for anyone, wherever they live, utilising the knowledge I have.  All people have to do is give me a chance to help them.  They don’t even need to meet me now to get a brilliant result, as some of our customers have already discovered.   There is more information about this exclusive service here.

We have understood for many years the vital importance of nutrition plays in the role of good health; and we believe we have found a couple of outstanding sets of supplements and products.  You can find more information about the Xenca product range and the Good Health Naturally health supplements by clicking the highlighted links on this page.

Best wishes for a pain-free day

Phil & Kathy  😀

UK Mobile:                              07925 142563

Email:                                       changinglives170@gmail.com

Facebook Page:                       Changing Lives St Ives

Web Site:                                  Changing Lives St Ives.com

Xenca Web Site:                      Our Xenca Shop

Xenca associate number:      1289

Good Health Naturally:         Our Good Health Naturally Shop

We are also associates for Xenca health and beauty products.  Information can be found at this web site about those at Our Xenca Shop.  These are the best supplements we have ever used, and we thoroughly recommend them for our customers.  The results they give, when taken regularly, are amazing.

We also now sell and take health supplements from the superb Good Health Naturally, such as the stunning SerraEnzyme – serrapeptase. Why not check our supplements out, we assure you that you would be well advised to do that.  Our two best selling products are the collagen and five a day+, which are just superb.

Legal Disclaimer

The contents of this web site are for information purposes only and are not intended as medical advice.  For any diagnosis or medical advice we recommend that a qualified physician is consulted.

This website contains links to other websites and visitors to this site should be aware that they are leaving the Changing Lives St Ives website through the use of any such links.  All content contained on any linked website is the sole responsibility of the owner of that website. No one involved with Changing Lives St Ives endorse the efficacy, safety of, or effectiveness of any information on any other web site.

Please be aware that we do not accept responsibility for any problems arising from any therapy, web site, type of treatment or information that we reference via a link on this site, or in our information anywhere, regardless of someone being aware of this legal disclaimer or not.

Phil Watson

Changing Lives 

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