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As well as our way of treating people with our unique magnetic therapy, which has proved very successful over the years, we have discovered other excellent therapies and information on health that we think people might also find interesting.  Much of this information is for other forms of natural remedies and, as we are into natural ways of healing our own bodies, we hope that some of them might be of interest to our customers and others interested in improving their health.  

We are not stating that these therapies are effective in any way for other people; however we have found many of them of interest personally, or have heard great things about them from other people we trust.  We believe in sharing information on lots of therapies, or health information, and people can then make their own decisions about it.

We get no commissions or other incentives to promote most of the people on this page, apart from Serrapeptase.  As we have been recommending this superb supplement (Often called the ‘Miracle Enzyme’), to many of our customers for years, due to its many health benefits.  We have been very impressed with the results on them, and us, so we have decided to add it to the list of products we sell. 

So we are now agents for ‘Good Health Naturally’, which is owned and run by the marvellous health guru, Robert Redfern and we are delighted to be involved in another health improving range of products.

For those that don’t know, Robert Redfern is probably the world’s leading authority on Serrapeptase.  He has written several books on it.  Here’s a link to one of them called ‘The Miracle Enzyme® is Serrapeptase’, which is well worth getting.

We hope this clear about our recommendations, as we are interested in promoting good health for everyone.

Here are the links

One of the most important sites we recommend is called Cancer Tutor, which is run by a very dedicated group of people, including Webster Kehr.  Many people ask us about natural cancer treatments; and we always send them here for information, so they can see if it is of interest to them.

Possibly one of my all time favourite scientists is two time Nobel Prize Winner, Dr Linus Pauling.  Often known as the ‘father of modern chemistry’, Linus Pauling’s work on the diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency was of the highest standard, including heart disease and related health issues.  Here is a video that we think everyone should watch. 

Apart from the cell biologist, MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek, who wrote: Magnotherapy The pHacts”, which explains how Vaclavek thinks Bioflow® works on balancing the cell and blood pH. thus benefiting the body at a cellular level.  We also like the work of cell biologist Bruce Lipton, who wrote the ground-breaking book: “The Biology Of Belief”, which is a truly amazing read.  There is also a short video as well, explaining in brief some of the main points.

We are also big fans of homeopathy, and can recommend the results personally.  This is a web site we found very interesting with lots of great information on, called  One thing we often hear people say, especially uninformed medical people, is that Homeopathy doesn’t work, or there is no scientific evidence behind it.  We believe that this article called 100 facts about homeopathy has some great info to correct this misconception.

We get several e-newsletters from various health sources.  Over time we intend to add links to the site for the ones we find interesting.  if you want to check them out just click the relevant link.  This link is for Professor Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD and his site.  I have always found The Prof’s info well researched and interesting.  Why not check it out and see what you think of it?

Some of the best information on cholesterol and heart disease is available from Uffe Ravnskov (MD PhD), author of the excellent book: ‘The cholesterol myths’, which is available as a free download here.  In the book he explains the poor science behind the current thinking that high cholesterol and heart disease are linked. 

Why not check out the book and others he has written, or go to his web site on cholesterol:  You can also get his newsletters by email: we thoroughly recommend.  Uffe is also has a part of the THINC network (The International Network Of Cholesterol Sceptics)  Hope you like his work.

One of our favourite health organisations is the marvellous Alliance for Natural Health International (The ANHIntl for short).  Run by a dedicated team of excellent health conscious people, including the amazingly well informed Dr Robert Verkerk, a real health hero to us.  It’s well worth joining their Facebook page, if you do Fb, or looking at the ANH website, which is also full of great health information.  We love their stuff, so we hope you do as well.

We have had great results personally using Health Kinesiology.  I won’t try to explain about HK here, but if you want to know more, Jane Thurnell-Read has had several books published on the subject, the best of which is probably this one.  Health Kinesiology by Jane Thurnell-Read. Jane also has a web site called  Life-Work Potential which is well worth checking out.

I have been a fan of the late great physicist Bob Beck for many years and his blood electrifier and magnetic pulser are something I  have used many times myself.  Now sadly passed away, his legacy still lives on.  There is some information about his work on this Facebook page, his web site,as well as these vimeos.

Another treatment I have used to great effect, after trying a free sample that was on offer, is Recreate Your Life by Morty Lefkoe, which is a belief busting program.  You can try a free sample of this program, just like I did, by clicking here.  What have you got to lose by checking it out for free?  

We get excellent health information from various sources around the world, as people hopefully can see and believe that good information is key to maintaining good health and well-being.  Here is another one we like, called GreenMedinfo run by Sayer Ji.  Well worth checking out is this site.  

Dr Mercola runs one of our favourite sites in the USA.  We are often passing on information that he publishes, as the quality of it is so good.  Hopefully others will like it as well, plus he does a great email service which is well worth getting.  

Another thing we are often asked about is man-made sweeteners.  We think everyone should check out this website; called Sweet Poison run by Dr Janet Starr Hull.  It has great info on the issues we feel about sweeteners such as aspartame. 

Mike Adams runs some great health information web sites as well.  The one we use a lot is Natural, which is a great web site.  He also has an excellent email service, which we recommend.  

Other things we like and use ourselves.  :-

Himalayan salt.  This is the only salt we consume by choice.  We get ours from The Himalayan Salt Store and we use fine food salt.  

We will continue to add more sites and other information in time. 

Phil & Kathy  😀

Changing Lives 

Legal Disclaimer

The contents of this web site are for information purposes only and are not intended as medical advice.  For any diagnosis or medical advice we recommend that a qualified physician is consulted. 

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Please be aware that we do not accept responsibility for any problems arising from any therapy, web site, type of treatment or information that we reference via a link on this site, or in our information anywhere, regardless of someone being aware of this legal disclaimer or not.

Phil Watson

Changing Lives

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