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We can be contacted using the following details:-

UK Mobile:                                 07925 142563


Facebook Page:                         Changing Lives St Ives

Web Site:                                    Changing Lives St

Xenca Web Site:                        Our Xenca Shop

Xenca associate number:       1289

Good Health Naturally:          Good Health Naturally


Please feel free to contact us regarding anything to do with Bioflow, Xenca health & beauty products, Good Health Naturally products, or anything to do with the web site that you need help with.  We are here to help with the success of our customers’ results, and we have a lot of exclusive expertise in the use of Bioflow especially.  So please take advantage of our knowledge and our ‘tricks of the trade’ and help us to assist more people out of pain.

Phil & Kathy   😀

Legal Disclaimer

The contents of this web site are for information purposes only and are not intended as medical advice.  For any diagnosis or medical advice we recommend that a qualified physician is consulted. 

This website contains links to other websites and visitors to this site should be aware that they are leaving the Changing Lives St Ives website through the use of any such links.  All content contained on any linked website is the sole responsibility of the owner of that website. No one involved with Changing Lives St Ives endorse the efficacy, safety of, or effectiveness of any information on any other web site. 

Please be aware that we do not accept responsibility for any problems arising from any therapy, web site, type of treatment or information that we reference via a link on this site, or in our information anywhere, regardless of someone being aware of this legal disclaimer or not.

Phil Watson

Sole Proprietor

Changing Lives

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Hi Sue, sent reply from my main email.



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  3. Kat horne says:

    Hi. A friend has recommended you today.
    I’m.interested but would like to make contact as to prices etc

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