Fibromyalgia, M.E., Polymyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, the ‘invisible’ illnesses

We have been helping people with conditions such as; Fibromyalgia, M.E. Polymyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for many years with our unique advisory program.  We suspect it may be something to do with pH imbalance?

These conditions all have a similar set of problems, including very low energy levels; and I have a suspicion as to why that is.  Though, before anyone gets upset with my wording, I do realise that there are many other things involved in these health issues, not just low energy, including a lot of pain, but all of them have low energy issues at their heart.  In fact the other issues could also be caused by exactly the same biological problem.  My suspicion is that the underlying cause is a low body pH. 

In the vast majority of our customers’ cases that use my program, they end up with improvements in all of their health issues, not just vastly improved energy levels.  They have less pain and improvements with other problems as well. My program seems to help the body to address all of the combination of health issues involved; which makes me think we may be on to something. 

For those that are interested, this is explained in more detail lower down the blog.


 Why do I think pH imbalance is the issue?

We have noted some interesting patterns in things that have happened to lots of our customers.  Most of the people we have helped have experienced some, sometimes many, of the situations listed further down; and I suspect that they are very possibly involved in triggering their conditions.  

1)    They often had stressful situations or traumatic events such as car crashes, major physical injuries, or things of that nature, even pregnancies or other physically demanding things upon the body, can be part of the factors involved in the problem.

2)    They often had a viral infection at some point in their life, the most common being glandular fever, but there are many others that will cause the same stress on the body’s immune system.

3)    They have been very fit and active physically, mentally, or both at some point in their life, even studying hard for exams can be a factor. 

4)    They have been in difficult or abusive relationships, stressful workplace or something similar.

Often it’s a combination of many of these kinds of things in their history. 

All of these situations can produce high levels of acidity (low pH) or acidosis.

We will understand if many people reading this information are sceptical that my program can help them.  Most of our happy satisfied customers were as well, in the beginning.  Please don’t let that stop you from contacting us about it.

It might be important to read our summary of this blog at the end, as we feel that information is very important.

For those that want an initial free consultation on our advisory program, they can email us at  What is there to lose by asking about what we do?


Here’s A Sample Of Some Of Our Satisfied Customers.

Some of our happy, satisfied customers’ are listed below, and their testimonials can be read from the highlighted links. Though we have many more testimonials than these; not all of our customers send us one, but fortunately many have done.

Many times we have found the acidity production can be because of high levels of brain activity, such as Kate Tyler, who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after studying for a degree. Kate was a very tough case for us, as she was one of the first people we helped without personally meeting her, as she lived in Derby. 

She was amazed at how our program benefited her; in fact she is absolutely fine now and even took up training young children as a boxing coach.  For over 3 years previously; Kate was in agony most of the time and couldn’t even dress herself.  She was on over 50 drugs a day from the doctor; but now she takes none.



A second example of our results was a young girl we helped, Charlotte Davies, who started suffering with M.E. whilst studying for her GCSEs.

Charlotte Davies


Another tough case we took on was Rosie Boyce, who also had fibromyalgia, who, like many others, found out about us by chance, and spoke to one of our already happy customers, Kate Tyler.

Rosie was convinced we couldn’t help her, as we would have to treat her without meeting her, but we explained that we had a way around that.  It’s called our Global Help Program, where we help people we may never meet. We have now expanded this into an even more effective system than when we treated Kate or Rosie all those years ago.

Rosie Boyce pic 1


Results are everything; aren’t they?

We have a stunningly high success rate, especially now, as we have learned so much more over the last 10 years or so.  Most of our customers were sceptical in the beginning, to say the least, but many people tried it anyway, and now they are converted sceptics. We are very confident we can help anyone to resolve these issues, as many of our customers were severely affected by them; prior to using my program.  

What is there to lose by contacting us and asking for more information, or a free consultation?

Phil Watson

Changing Lives Worldwide


For those interested in why I have come to the conclusion about low pH and these health issues, please read on.

Body chemistry, pH balance and ion channels.

Scientific cellular research shows that many health issues have a cause at cell level; with what are known as ‘ion channels’, or cell pumps as they are sometimes called. Think of ion channels as cell doorways that control the things that cells need for life, controlling what goes in and out of all cells. Their correct functioning is vital to the life and health of every cell.

Too low a blood and cell pH is a serious problem for the human cell system. On our website is a book by eminent cell biologist, MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek and can be found here on ‘The Science Bit’. In it he explains about the effects of low pH on the body at a cellular level.  Very importantly it affects ion channels, which are now known to have a considerable effect on cellular health and many health issues have been linked to them.

Here is some information about this from his book:

“Stressful situations in many species result in an oxygen debt.  The production of lactic acid through anaerobic respiration results in an immediate energy release, but then a period of recovery is needed while the excess lactic acid is converted to pyruvic acid, and removed.  This whole process requires much more oxygen than does unstressed aerobic respiration.

If a stressful situation continues and more lactic acid is formed it can have a detrimental, and often serious, effect on health.  This is because the lactic acid produced cannot be removed from the cells as fast as it is produced.  The lactic acid then acts like any other acid and decreases the pH of the cells when it builds up over a certain level.  When the cells become too acidic situations described as stress, inflammation, sepsis or starvation can occur.”

“All living cells have a pH value that must be maintained within a very narrow range.  Different body tissues have different levels of pH, but the importance of maintaining the correct balance is absolutely imperative to the life of the cell.  Both human and animal bodies have in-built control systems, known as buffers, to monitor and stabilise the pH levels.”

Oxygen debt can be generated from several causes. Sporting exertion, shock and sepsis are the main ones.  In each case the body needs to increase utilisation of oxygen.  This means increasing temperature so that the water in our body can more easily ionise and act as the conduit for the electrons to allow better bonding of oxygen.  This is why we keep people warm when they are in shock. 

It is why we heat up during physical exertion and why our temperature rises when we have an infection.  In fact the body will continue to generate heat until there is sufficient utilisation of oxygen to meet the requirements of the situation – hence fever in extreme cases.  There are times when the body has insufficient capacity without being life threatening.  This can be through systems winding down as we get older or injury due to some physical activity.

At such times the body could do with some help and this is where magnotherapy comes in.  If we treat the water component of our blood we improve the bonding of oxygen to the iron of haemoglobin and this, by circulation, treats the whole body.”


If people search various health conditions on the internet, such as Parkinson’s disease, or others and ion channels, they will see how important they are.   The same can be found with a quick search of Fibromyalgia, M.E. and CFS and ion channels. This proves that ion channels are involved in many health conditions, just as the cell biologist explains in his book; and to me when I met him years ago. 

What if the chain of chemistry behind these conditions; and the other issues involved such as pain, is linked to very high production of acid in the body due to stress chemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol for example? 

Stressful situations can dramatically lower the blood and body pH to a level that the body cannot easily deal with, as the cell biologist explains above.  As ion channels are affected by changes in pH, this would make logical sense.  Top athletes experience all sorts of issues with low pH, such as tri-athletes and marathon runners for example.  It can be life threatening, or even fatal.

We are sure that all of these things on our list above, and other things like them, can put a strain upon the body and produce large amounts of what are often called stress chemicals, such as adrenalin, cortisol etc. These in turn activate lactic acid production to a very high level as the body ‘pumps up the volume’ due to the chemical stress.

Eventually the continuous overwhelming production of lactic acid in millions of cells will lower the blood pH; and this can go to dangerously low levels in time.  If not resolved it will seriously affect cellular health, and therefore body health, as mentioned by the cell biologist above.

This will also dramatically affect the cellular production of energy in the mitochondria, the ‘power plant’ of the cells.  The eventual result will be a serious lack of body energy, due to oxygen debt, which is why I am sure that acidity is the key to these issues.  Either that, or it is a massive coincidence, but I am absolutely convinced it is not.

This may also be why people get the ‘foggy head’, ‘feel like they’ve run a marathon’ or sleep poorly etc. These people are almost certainly over acidic (acidosis) at a cellular level on a body wide scale.


How does my unique program help the body to resolve these issues?

We may never know completely, but our results are always good and that’s the most important thing in the end.  It is probably quite complex, and difficult to explain easily, and we have to admit there may be much more going on than we understand, or could explain fully, but I’ll try to do the best I can.

I am convinced that my program helps all acids to become processed more efficiently by the body’s own acid balancing processes, or buffering as it is more correctly known, using a specialised magnetic field. Just as the cell biologist explained it to me when I met him back in 1999, and as he does in his book. 

The most logical explanation of how our program works is probably the cell biologist’s.  So it is sometimes better if people read The Science Bit of our website if they get a chance.  However, in the end, does it matter how, or why something works?  Is it not better to go with results, as not all things can be fully explained scientifically?

Though I would like to add here, it is very important for me to explain something many people may not realise; and it is vital that people understand.  It is not just the products we use that deliver the incredible results we get, and everyone wants, but very importantly, it is how we teach our customers to use them in the special ways we have discovered. 

Think of an electrician, and a tool he might use such as a screwdriver.  Is the screwdriver important to the electrician?  Yes, obviously it is, but it is the electrician’s knowledge of what to do with it that gets the results needed.  It’s not what the products can do, but how someone uses them. 

This is definitely the case with my program. The magnetic products are the tools of my trade, but my knowledge on how to use them is only available from me.  Many of my customers can confirm this is a fact.  Some customers have stated this in their testimonials, which is useful for me.

Not everyone mentions my unique assistance; but most of our customers did get some help and advice at some point.  Here are some examples of what I mean:

Rosie Boyce: “For the first few months, after getting the products I ordered from Phil, he gave me weekly consultations over the phone or by email. The purpose of these was to explain my symptoms, any changes that might be happening and I would also explain my symptoms. He would then talk me through which muscles to apply the magnets to and what the reactions I was feeling meant. 

Kate Tyler: “He taught me how to use some products myself over the phone in the special way he uses them, and the results just got better and better.  Phil’s knowledge was absolutely invaluable and a huge part of the reason for my success.” 

Linda Howard : “I haven’t been able to eat red meat, citrus fruits or tomatoes for 25 years, as they make my joints painful and swollen, especially toes.  Now I use my special kit, as Phil instructed, and I can eat what I like again with no adverse effects.  It’s unbelievable but it works somehow and I don’t go anywhere without taking my kit with me.”


What’s involved in the program?

I have to teach each customer where and how to use the products we supply, using some form of communication such as email, Skype or phone etc., as everyone has varying, often individual, underlying issues. These seem to be part of the reason for the problems people are having, and so need addressing. However, my program is very easy to do; and once someone has learned the basics, we will customize it to their issues.

Many people we treat are unaware of these underlying issues; so between us we need to find them, hence the contact systems we use for feedback.  This is one of many reasons why my program is unique, I teach our customers how to find these areas, and then what to to them.  Once the person has learned some of my ‘tricks of the trade’, they are amazed how easy it is to do on a daily basis, and the resulting improvements will soon follow.

Thousands of people with the health issues listed above have tried my treatment over the years.  So I can easily show it has already helped lots of people to solve these problems; even if I never meet them. We have many customers’ testimonials available on our Facebook page and web site. Some will gladly speak to others if needed. 

I am extremely confident that the problem is biological acidity and I am also confident my treatment deals with this issue and with areas of historical trauma.  Unless the acid is dealt with no improvements would occur, but with my treatment they always happen. This is why I am convinced the cell biologist’s assessment of what is going on is correct.   


What if the program doesn’t work; and what does it cost?

We offer a 6 month money back guarantee if my treatment doesn’t work, subject to certain conditions. However if people use the products in the way I ask them to, plus keep in regular contact, I am absolutely confident that won’t happen.  This is a part of our money back guarantee’s conditions. 

At the time of writing this blog, I am glad to say we have never had the products returned by anyone who has followed my plan, with any condition we have listed above, since we started back in 1998, as the program has always worked.

The cost of my program will vary, according to the information I get from any potential customers, as each case can be very different. Hence why there are no prices quoted here. Therefore we quote costs on an individual basis, but rest assured, it won’t break the bank.  I am sure that to resolve the issues and restore a person’s health, as our program aims to do, it will prove worth every penny.

However, we offer a free assessment consultation and we hope many people take us up on this offer, as it costs nothing to do that.

If you think about it, what is the value of a resolution to these terrible health conditions?   Can you put a price on it, or is it priceless?  Our program has proved excellent value for money for many thousands of happy customers.

We are sure that the cost of our program is affordable, and our quote would include:

  1. The products that would be required to use the person.
  2. The postage by recorded courier delivery to where they live.
  3. Up to 5 personal back up contacts with me on how to use the products supplied to get the job done. So each customer gets as much training as they need to learn what they need to do.  

These contacts can be via email, by phone, Skype or other options as needed. I am confident 5 will be enough, but if extra information is needed I do reserve the right to charge for any extra contacts due to it using more of my time, but I really don’t expect that to happen. 

My job is to lead a customer down the program path I’ve designed, and make sure it works for them. Most people have spent more than my program costs over the years, or may well do, trying to resolve these issues with other unsuccessful protocols.

Due to time restrictions, there are only so many customers I can assist at a time, as there are only so many hours in a day.  Therefore there are only so many people I can personally deal with.  This means our customers are taken on as a first come, first served basis.


So, to summarise:

  • I have 20 years of experience, successfully helping people with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, M.E., Chronic Fatigue and Polymyalgia.
  • Many of our customers will gladly tell others how much my program has helped them. Plus we have many testimonials that can be sent to anyone, or read online.
  • Some of our customers can be contacted, as they are living adverts of our results.
  • I don’t need to meet anyone to help them; all of this can be done long distance as I have done many times before.
  • I offer a 6 month money back guarantee if my program doesn’t work, subject to certain conditions.
  • I will be there to explain all that a customer needs to do to try to make sure of a successful result, working with them on a regular basis.
  • The cost of my program is affordable; and the results will be worth every penny. 
  • Before dealing with us; many of our customers had spent much more money than the price of my program, without any real improvements.
  • We are committed to helping as many people as possible to get their health; and their quality of life back.
  • What is there to lose by contacting us for a chat?

For more information on my program, to get a personalised quote, or if someone has more questions please contact us at

Phil Watson

Changing Lives Worldwide

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What Makes Changing Lives Different And Why Should People Deal With Us?

There are many differences between what we do with our program and any other ones we are confident.  Sometimes we need to explain some of those differences in more detail, so hopefully people get them more clearly, hence this blog.

Every now and then even our customers misunderstand how important our knowledge and information is to gaining the best results with the products we supply.  

People sometimes don’t know the reason we only use a certain magnetic products in our program, it is because they have a unique, patented magnetic field.  The other main reason we get such incredible results compared to other suppliers, or even the manufacturer of it, is our unique knowledge of how to use it. 

We are confident there is no one else like us out there in the world!

What magnetic products should you choose,

don’t all magnets work the same?

A common misunderstanding that we have to explain a lot.  The way that the products we use work on the body is very different to other static magnetic products (Magnets with a set magnetic field).  How do we know this?  A cell biologist, called MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek, was in hospital in London and was seriously ill until a patient in an adjoining bed lent him one of the products we use.

After using it for just two days he recovered so quickly from his life threatening condition, he was very surprised, to say the least.  He was understandably grateful; and being a curious person by nature, he spent a year of his spare time researching all the magnetic products he could find.  The one we use was the only one that worked similar to an electro-magnet, which was what it was designed to do by the inventor.  He discovered that no other static magnetic product works like it. 

Very importantly though; the way we teach people to use it is absolutely unique to us, hence our amazing results.

If people want to read about the products we use and the bio-chemistry the scientist thinks it works on; we have put his book, ‘Magnotherapy the Phacts’, on our web site on ‘The Science Bit’.  It can be a fairly tough read in places, but the more biological knowledge people have the more it makes sense.  It is all about pH balance he explains, which is something that the body requires to be healthy at a cellular level.

Why choose Changing Lives and not another supplier?

We have been explaining to people for years that what we do with this magnetic product is unique to us.  It took me a long time to learn how to use it in the ways I do and it is not just wearing a product that gets our customers the outstanding results we get them; it is how it is used.  There is a lot more to it than some people realise, until we teach them what to do.  

With the program we have developed it is not down to chance. We have a unique set of processes to help our customers’ get the most amazing results possible, based upon our many years of exclusive experience.  

Many of our customers’ often state this clearly in their testimonials.  Why not check out what they say in some of them, such as our; Happy Customer Testimonials, our Low Energy Health Conditions Testimonials our Shop Comments Books, our Global Help Program Testimonials, our Benidorm Shop Comments Book, or our Facebook page.  

After all, it’s all about results isn’t it? It is not a fluke that we get such good results. Some people think the information we give them is also given out by other people, but it isn’t.  

Almost all our information is unique to us and is often copyrighted.  It took me a long time to work out how to use these products the way I do and so only our customers’ get my information.

What makes us different?

There are lots of things probably.  However our customers’ often tell us it is that the information we give them; and the stunning level of results we help them get.  Sometimes these are truly life-changing. If people check out our Facebook photos section here; we hope they see what we mean.  

The other thing they mention is our exclusive back-up service called our ‘Global Help Program’, where we can teach anyone how to use the products on at themselves that they get from us, no matter where they live, even if we don’t meet them.

If you know someone in pain, they would be wise to contact us to see what we can offer?

What have they got to lose? 😀

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Our Global Help Program – We Can Help People In Pain Anywhere

Hi everyone, Happy New Year.  We just wanted to put a post up here as we have had some people getting a bit confused about what we can do for them if they live in the UK.  Now we are looking at setting up in Spain and working here, some people in the UK think we can’t help them, but that is just not true

Hopefully this post will explain how we can treat people wherever they live using our ‘Global Help Program’, where we often never meet the people at all.  They really don’t need to meet us any more, as hopefully Rosie’s testimonial will show.  This is because we have a completely different way of helping people to anyone else.  We are unique in the world, as people will realise once they deal with us.

Changing Lives Unique

‘Global Help Program’

We have had some amazing testimonials over the years, but recently we had one that is proving to be one of my all-time favourites from a lady called Rosie Boyce. Mainly because it highlights our system for helping people wherever they live and that we sometimes never meet, but I like it for many more reasons than that, as I shall explain here.

Rosie contacted us in July 2014, as her cousin had given her one of our flyers from the shop in Chapel Street in St Ives that we ran at the time.  She was suffering from severe #fibromyalgia.

Like many people that hear about us she was incredibly sceptical that we could help her, as she had been told there was currently no medical cure for #fibromyalgia.  We explained how we had previously helped many thousands of people with #fibromyalgia, #ME, #chronicfatigue, #polymyalgia and occasionally #lupus with incredible success over the years.

I remember that Rosie was so sceptical, so we asked her to contact some of our already happy customers and she agreed to do that, after all what did she have to lose?  We passed her on to Kate Tyler, who was one of the worst cases of #fibromyalgia that we have ever been involved with and who was on 52 tablets a day including 8 tramadol when we first spoke.

Kate and her family were amazed at the improvements she got once she had some products she bought from us and we talked her through how to use them over the phone over the coming months, using our incredibly effective ‘Global Help Program’.  Kate is now a boxing coach and takes no painkillers at all and she considers herself healthier than she has ever been.

If anyone knows someone with any one of these #lowenergy conditions and wants to talk to us about how we can help them, or to one of our customers, to see what they say about the results we can offer, that can easily be arranged.  After all our customers’ results ARE our advert.

So what are the reasons that Rosie’s testimonial is one of my all-time faves I hear you ask?  Well thanks for asking.  LOL  There are several reasons.

  • She contacted me despite her scepticism
  • She looked at the testimonials on this web site and our Facebook page, especially the ‘Low Energy’ health conditions testimonials from some of our happy customers such as Kate Tyler and many more.  (This showed we had been doing this for many years and she got that info from the details on the flyer.)
  • She contacted one of our customers for a chat, Kate.  (After all, both these ladies had a similar experience with #fibromyalgia, in fact once they got chatting the similarities were quite spooky!)
  • She looked at our money back guarantee and realised there was little financial risk involved. (If our program worked, even a little bit, we were a great investment, if it didn’t work; she got most of her money back after 6 months.  So few people take us up on that money back guarantee, as once they have a chat with me and follow our unique program, we are confident it will work, as over 99% of our customers discover.  Our program is very different to anyone else anywhere in the world.)
  • She decided to try the products we suggested (Assuming they wouldn’t work I’ll bet, but she probably thought: “What the heck.”).
  • She contacted me by phone and email, as I asked, when she got the products, and I gave her some tips and information for the first week and asked her to contact me in a week.
  • This we repeated for the first few weeks and months and she followed my program to the letter and felt a bit better in certain areas over those months, much to her surprise, there were a few puzzling things she experienced, but with my help we worked through those.
  • We were in constant contact over many months, all of this was free at the time by the way, no hidden costs, and over the months the improvements were gaining speed.
  • Now Rosie is so different in herself, no more tramadol, energy levels up by a massive amount, virtually no pain and the improvements haven’t finished yet we bet, but still she wrote me a great testimonial as she is so much better so far.  If you haven’t read it yet here is Rosie’s testimonial.

To this day we have never met Rosie, who knows maybe we will one day, but she doesn’t need to meet us.  Rosie and many others have got incredible results using our ‘Global Help Program’.  We have told many people over the years that they don’t need to meet us to get a result; they just need to use the products we recommend and follow our program.  Plus we offer a 6 month money back guarantee if it doesn’t work.  Can we be fairer than that?

Now we are in Spain for the foreseeable future, we will be doing this program via email, phone, skype etc. for many more people in the UK and around the world, though in reality we have been doing this for years this way, being in Spain just highlights that fact.  We will be proving this on many more people over the coming years.

So the main reasons I like Rosies’s testimonial are:

She checked us out on the web.

She contacted one of our very happy customers.

She got the products we suggested (Which are very affordable as she would tell you.  Most People we help have spent many thousands of pounds, much more than our program costs.  So we are a cost effective solution not just the best solution.)

She followed my unique program to the letter.

This meant she got the result she wanted.

So if you know someone in pain, we want to help them get better, no matter where they live, no matter what their condition, we are very confident our therapy will amaze them.

Please spread the word about our work.  If you like what we do please share our web site, or our Facebook page and maybe like that page as well, the more the merrier we say.

Do you know someone in pain we can help?  😀

Phil Watson

Changing Lives

PS Have a happy, healthy and wealthy 2015

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Changing Lives in Spain

Just a quick bit of information which we think people need to know.  We are currently in Spain and intend to set up our Changing Lives business here for the foreseeable future.  We are not yet fully operational yet, but once we are we will be doing a similar thing to what we did in the UK for 16 years, i.e. help people to gain better health. 

Our contact details are all the same however, apart from the address of our shop in the UK which is now shut.  The old mobile phone number is transferred to us here and only costs normal UK rates to those that use it in the UK.  If anyone wants to get in touch, just use the details from our contact page and we will reply as soon as possible.  For people wishing to order any products from us for delivery to the UK, the same postage figures will still apply, i.e. £5.00 p&p per order.

We want to assure everyone that we can still help people in the UK, or other countries, looking for better health and can still be of assistance even though we are not there.  In fact we think being outside the UK will highlight the major differences between the results we can offer compared to other therapies.  This will be accomplished using our very effective and popular  ‘Global Help Program’.  

This knowledge we have gained is only available to our customers, as we learned it over many years.  We have helped many people using this program over the last 16 years and expect many more of our customers to refer people to us, as they have done since we started, allowing us to help their friends and family with this exclusive program we offer.

To give people a brief idea of how this works, we teach our customers as many of our unique ways of using Bioflow as they need to do to improve their condition/s, improve their health and get the results they want and we expect.  This is done with exclusive information we give our customers by email, phone conversation, skype etc. and will become more the case than ever before now that we are in Spain.  In fact we are confident we can help people almost anywhere in the world using this system.

We will also still be offering a 6 month money back guarantee on any Bioflow products we supply if the results of using our program are zero.  So our customers get a result or a refund in effect.  How many other protocols or products offer that? 

Many people over the years have discovered that if they follow our exclusive program utilising our specialised knowledge of how to use Bioflow to help their body, their improvements are truly life changing, hence the name of our business.  Many of those people we never met, they just followed our program using the products they bought from us.  

For more details on how we can achieve great results for people, no matter where they live, why not contact us by email, or phone?

Plus people can also order our extremely popular Xenca health and beauty products directly from our dedicated Xenca web site to many countries around the world.   Information can be found on the Xenca health and beauty range here.  Since using their superb products lots of our customers have discovered the benefits of them such as the Collagen Revitalise, or the Five a day+, just as we have.  

Phil Watson & Kathy Coleman

Changing Lives



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Britain’s Strongest Man, Laurence Shahlaei, Talks About The Amazing Five a Day+ Green Superfood

Laurence Shahlaei Britain's strongest man.Picture courtesy of Xenca.  One of Xenca’s directors, David Butler, with Britain’s strongest man, Laurence Shahlaei.

Many people in sport take supplements and one of those we know takes some of Xenca’s fabulous products is the current Britain’s strongest man, Laurence Shahlaei. Hopefully people will realise that top athletes and sports people do not give out testimonials lightly.  So when they do speak out about a product, they do so because they find real benefit from taking it.  Here are some of his comments on Xenca’s amazing green superfood, Five a day+.   

“The Xenca Five a Day+ supplement is unlike anything I’ve used before.  Very simple to take, it’s a quick and convenient way of getting lots of green super foods into your body. Since taking this I feel like I have more energy, it aids my recovery and helps my dietary system work much more efficiently.  Nutrition was always something I neglected in the past, but over the last 6 months I have made it a priority and the Xenca Five a Day+ has become one of the staple products in my daily supplementation.”  

Laurence Shahlaei

Laurence Shahlaei photo 1Laurence Shahlaei photo 3

Here is some more info on Laurence for those that want to know more about him: – 

Laurence Shahlaei won England’s Strongest Man in 2009 and went on to win Britain’s Strongest Man in 2012 and 2013.  He also is the only British Strongman to ever win a Giants Live competition; he won in Finland 2012 and Gateshead 2013.  Plus Laurence holds an official Guinness World Record in the Farmers Walk and numerous British records including the Strongman deadlift at 433KG and the Axle press at 205KG.

five_a_dayIf you think about it, if a top sports person can feel the difference taking Five a day+, shouldn’t we all be taking it?  We know it is the best supplement we have ever taken, bar none!  Want to know more about it?  





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Fermenting Foods – Some Great Info And Ideas

One of our favourite health information web sites, Dr Mercola, had this excellent information on the benefits of fermented foods.  Having been fans of Dr Mercola for many years we know his work is well worth reading.  It explains how modern science is now proving the incredible value they can give to the human body.  

These benefits range from improving beneficial gut flora (probiotics) and giving the body an available source of vitamin K2.  Just these two things alone will give amazing health benefits we know from previous research.  

We also loved the well explained and detailed video lower down the page showing the ways fermented foods can be made.  Dr Mercola also explains how he found ways of dramatically improving the benefits fermented foods can give, using some specific products, after working with scientists over many years. 

We will be adding fermented foods to our diet program in the coming months as they are easy to make and quite obviously give fantastic health benefits.  

Hope you like the info, if so drop us a line or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Phil Watson

Changing lives

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Interesting Article About Sugar

I did find an article quite interesting recently in The Telegraph about John Yudkin, who had tried to warn the world about the negative health effects of consuming sugar many years ago in his excellent book: ‘Pure White And Deadly’.  He was a new person to me when I read this article, but his work looks excellent.

In the information it mentions his nemesis, Ancel Keys, a nutritionist, much of whose work was later discredited, according to many people, as not being thorough enough.  (One such example of this is the high cholesterol, saturated fat and heart disease link, now utterly disproved many times, especially by Uffe Ravnskov MD PhD who wrote the cholesterol myths, well worth reading.)  Plus this link has some quite interesting stuff as well

It also mentions that massive food corporations used Ancel Keys work as the basis for promoting ‘low fat’ foods and they were adding sugar to make them more appetising in effect.  Therefore Ancel Keys to them was the ‘horse they backed’ and John Yudkin would have spelled disaster for many of these corporations marketing wise if he proved to be correct.  No prizes for guessing who ‘got the nod’ there then I suppose?

Now Yudkin’s work on sugar and its negative effects on heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other major illnesses is being revisited.  One such person who has done a lot on this is Robert Lustig, Professor of paediatric endocrinology at The University of California.  Who unknowingly was an advocate of Yudkin’s work, as he discovered later.  There is an excellent video from Robert Lustwig as well.  

Yudkin’s original book was highly sought after once it went out of print, but now Penguin Books have re-printed ‘Pure White And Deadly’, according to this article.   We hope that this re-ignite the debate on sugar.  

I did like this quote from the piece from the Telegraph about Prof. Robert Lustig, which is a common problem for independent science and scientists: 

If you look up Robert Lustig on Wikipedia, nearly two-thirds of the studies cited there to repudiate Lustig’s views were funded by Coca-Cola. But Gillespie believes the message is getting through. “More people are avoiding sugar, and when this happens companies adjust what they’re selling,” he says. It’s just a shame, he adds, that a warning that could have been taken on board 40 years ago went unheeded: “Science took a disastrous detour in ignoring Yudkin. It was to the detriment of the health of millions.”

We have been confident that this information about the dangers of sugar and the need for various fats in our diets for many years, but were often dismissed as a bit bonkers, as are many others we know of, including Yudkin we suspect.  

For those that believe that there is a safe alternative to sugar in artificial sweeteners, they should check out an excellent website and book called ‘Sweet Poison’ by Dr Janet Starr-Hull.   This is another dangerous set of man made products we believe. 

Fortunately a lot of the information we have passed around over the years has now been proven to be correct in many cases, even when mainstream medicine stated the opposite, in fact still are in some ways.  We often put a lot of this info on here and also on Our Facebook Page as well.  So if you want to see more health info that we find, we suggest you ‘like’ our Facebook page as well as this web site. 

Part of our job we believe is to give people options on health that can be checked by them. We are always learning more great stuff from some brilliant people whose work is of great benefit we believe and we try to check everything we post thoroughly for obvious reasons. Not everyone will agree with some or even any of it, that is their choice.  In the end it is about who you believe.  You pays your money and takes your choice in that regard.

It is up to us all to look after our own health in the end.  That is only possible with good, solid information we are sure.  Hence why we spend so much time passing this kind of information around for others to check for themselves.

This also applies to our main health businesses such as using Bioflow products in our unique ways and Xenca’s superb nutritional supplements or health and beauty ranges.

We hope you enjoy the information.

Phil & Kathy 😀 

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We have a video section on our web site.  Hopefully people will check it out at some point to see what we can offer in the way of our therapy, results and other options.  There will be more videos added in time, meanwhile we have loaded a few for the moment for people to check out. 

Phil Watson  😀

Changing Lives

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Our Happy Customers Love Us And We love Helping Them

We always love to hear from our very happy customers, of which there are many thousands over the years, we are pleased to say.  It is especially nice when they pop in to see us again.  This was the case today when one such customer, Craig Roach, came back to thank us personally for the results that our treatment and products had achieved for him on his shoulder pain, hip pain and poor sleep.  We taught him how to use the products at home and he was very grateful that we had managed to help him change his life for the better. 

Craig had tried our free sample in our shop back in August 2012 and was so impressed by the difference he felt that he decided to try some of our products afterwards.  He is very grateful that he used us now.   (Not that people need a free sample from us, just our unique knowledge of how to use their own products themselves.  We call this our ‘Global Treatment Service’ and it is proving very popular so far.)

fb 55

So today, 6th March 2014, we did our free demonstration on his wife for her breathing problems to show what we can do; as she was sceptical we could help her.  She was also impressed enough afterwards to order herself some products.  So once she gets them we will see how things go for her, but we are expecting another great testimonial from her as well though.

Plus they are also ordering some of the amazing superfood Five a day+.  We are looking forward to their finding out how incredibly good that product is as well.   People should really try Five a day+ out for a few months, they will soon realise how fantastic you feel when you take it.   It is truly the best supplement we have ever taken by far and we are confident the best nutritional value for money in the world.

Do you know someone in pain or poor health that needs our help?  😀

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We Have Treated Some Famous People In Our Time

We have demonstrated our treatment on and sold various products to many thousands of people since 1998.  This includes some possibly more well-known people such as; Ex Arsenal footballer Frank McLintockMagda Szubanski (Who starred in ‘Kath and Kim’), Natalie Mendoza who came in with Magda on the same day and was in ‘Hotel Babylon’ at the time, Haircut 100 singer/songwriter Nick Hayward of Haircut 100 fame (pictured below) (Possibly his best known hit is ‘fantastic day’).   

Nick Heyward

and professional International golfer Ian Woosnam (Most often known affectionately as Woosie). 

Ian Woosnam

We went over to Jersey to treat Woosie as he was suffering from severe back pain and M.E. and was unable to play golf or even walk for long, which was seriously affecting his golf back in 2007, after sadly having to withdraw from the Augusta Masters due to the problem.  After trying our treatment he was so impressed he bought quite a lot of products from us and for many years his career earnings improved massively as he was out of pain since using them.  

Possibly one of the most important ‘famous person’ we met was Janey Lee Grace from the Steve Wright in the Afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 who was suffering from Hip and Neck Pain.  Janey had heard about Bioflow previously from one of her listeners, but we did something that she had never heard of or seen before, a free sample treatment using Bioflow (Which is unique to us here at Changing Lives by the way) and she decided to try it.  Below is a picture taken outside our old shop when she popped back to see us a few months after we first met. 

Janey Lee Grace at our old shop

Janey very kindly wrote about the results of our free sample session on her and our unique work in two of her books.  The first book was ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’ and the other was ‘Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler’.  (Though both unfortunately contain our old, now discontinued, web site and phone number as does the old sign above, our new correct contact details are on this web site)

Janey Lee Grace book photo

Here is a copy of some of the things she wrote about us on pages 168-9, including the testimonial of my very sceptical partner, Kathy, who had used Bioflow, with some help from me of course, to resolve her allegedly incurable ‘genetic’ Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dermatitis, PMS, circulation problems and severe High Blood Pressure.  Unfortunately there is a mistake as Kath had been pain free since 1999 so longer than 3 years in fact.

Janey Lee Grace about us 1Janey Lee Grace about us 2

Janey’s books are always an excellent read on various natural remedies and treatments not just what we do; trust us they are worth checking out.  However as she discovered; and subtly suggested in her first book in the section above, the ways we use Bioflow are utterly unique, as many of our customers, and their testimonials on our web site and Facebook page, hopefully go some way to proving.

Janey was very surprised we offered a free sample treatment as well as a 6 month money back guarantee on the products she bought from us.  We do this to show how confident we are in the level of results we can offer people.  After all with us it is all about the incredible results possible not just any old average results. 

Now we have added the incredibly effective Xenca nutrition range to our armoury, such as the amazing Five A Day+ superfood (Truly the best supplement we have ever taken, and we have tried many we can assure you), the Revitalise Collagen (Excellent for improving joint pain, arthritis or skin condition for example) to the stunning Nutrition and Wellbeing products and more, we can guarantee even better and faster results than people can imagine.  

If you know someone in pain or in poor health, anywhere in the world, please get them to check out what we offer.  Our success rate has surprised many thousands of people so far, even with conditions they have been told are incurable such as Fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue, Lupus, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Trigeminal Neuralgia and many, many more.

What is there to lose by checking us out?  

Phil Watson  😀  

Changing Lives St Ives  

Helping people out of pain one person at a time.

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