Fermenting Foods – Some Great Info And Ideas

One of our favourite health information web sites, Dr Mercola, had this excellent information on the benefits of fermented foods.  Having been fans of Dr Mercola for many years we know his work is well worth reading.  It explains how modern science is now proving the incredible value they can give to the human body.  

These benefits range from improving beneficial gut flora (probiotics) and giving the body an available source of vitamin K2.  Just these two things alone will give amazing health benefits we know from previous research.  

We also loved the well explained and detailed video lower down the page showing the ways fermented foods can be made.  Dr Mercola also explains how he found ways of dramatically improving the benefits fermented foods can give, using some specific products, after working with scientists over many years. 

We will be adding fermented foods to our diet program in the coming months as they are easy to make and quite obviously give fantastic health benefits.  

Hope you like the info, if so drop us a line or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Phil Watson

Changing lives

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What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY) New Light on Cancer (With thanks to Professor Keith Scott-Mumby)

In the natural health world there are many champions, including us of course we hope people feel, and  much of the information we have learned from some of these people has been very useful to ourselves and lots of our clients over the years.  We are always glad to spread the truth about natural remedies and any other ‘good guys’ even when people try to stop the truth coming out, in this case information about some natural remedies for cancer. 

With that in mind, the following information is taken from an e-newsletter we receive from one of our many excellent natural remedy sources, Professor Keith Scott-Mumby,who lives in the USA now.  We believe that this information, which we have printed below (with his kind permission) is important enough for us to add it to our website blogs.  

We have done this so that people can decide for themselves whether they want to follow-up this information or not.   With better information you can have more options we are sure.  As subscribers to the magazine he is talking about, we already knew about this particular information, and posted it on my personal Facebook page as well.  However many people do not know of their excellent work and hopefully by lots of people spreading the word about WDDTY any other ‘good guys’, like the Prof, then more people can get better informed as well.

As fans of both the Prof and WDDTY, we can thoroughly recommend them both.  If anyone wants to know more about either of these as sources of information our advice is to go to their web sites and get connected to them.  The Prof’s e-newsletters are always excellent, and value his information highly.   There is a link to him for that reason on our website as well.

We also liked his dissection of the attacking forces and their possible motivation.  As a highly qualified person, we are confident he speaks the truth and the opponents of this information do not.  If you get a chance please let us know what you think of this on here or our Facebook page, where we will be adding a post for people to get access to this blog as well.  

Phil & Kathy

Changing Lives St Ives

 Issue 43 | Date: Jan 31, 2014

The Forces of Evil & Darkness
On The Move, Yet Again…

My friend Lynne McTaggart is at the center of a storm once again. Forces which don’t want the public to read good news on cancer alternatives tried to shut down her magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You (known affectionately as WDDTY).It’s all reminiscent of the storm I found myself in last summer, when Marcus Freudenmann and I were threatened by anonymous government heavies, for daring to talk openly to the public about cancer!*

I’ve known Lynne for over 20 years. I gave her some advice on her daughter’s health. I was one of the early medical advisors for WDDTY. I worked a “naughty” for her, by allowing her to clandestinely use my reader’s card for the Royal Society Of Medicine. The library there is one of the finest in Europe and she or her minions were able to do a lot of research among medical journals, at no cost, on the pretense they were working for me!

When her first book came out, I was asked for a comment for the cover and described her as “a thorn in the side of conventional medicine”. That was an understatement!

These days, of course, Lynne is best-known for her spiritual books, starting with the amazing, inspiring and well-researched The Field, and has gone off in a rather different direction.

But WDDTY flourishes as always and continues to be reviled by the self-appointed guardians of what the public ought to be allowed to know. And with the November 2013 issue (just out on the newsstands), things got very nasty in what I call the “War About Cancer” (not the war against cancer, the war about the right to personal choices and to circulate knowledge on this hoary topic).

Clearly, the ugly forces that control public information on cancer in the UK did not want that issue to be circulated and read. It contained, among other things, a gripping article about the successful use of homeopathy in treating deadly cancers, like brain tumors (glioma). In the process, it made conventional cancer therapy seem very poor indeed; which it is, of course.

Probably because Lynne and her co-editor/husband Bryan Hubbard had announced they were going to publish a special cancer alternatives issue, the forces of greed and evil were up in arms, ready. They tried to pressurize shops not to sell the magazine, using threats and bullyboys tactics. “They” stage managed an attack in The Times newspaper, which contained malicious falsehoods, published on October 1st.

The so-called “charity”, Sense About Science (actually a front group for Big Pharma), assembled what was claimed to be a group of experts, including doctors, scientists and patients, who condemned the disinformation that WDDTY was putting out.

They bombarded stores selling the magazine with emails; took it higher, to the AdvertizingStandards Association, with complaints about WDDTY advertizers (in an attempt to scare them off and bring down the magazine financially) and called for WDDTY to be “banned”.

The disinformation about Lynne and her team was wild, aggressive and evil. It got into The Times (a sorry shame to that ancient paper, now a filthy rag under Murdoch’s aegis). Without even bothering to check the accusations, the paper went ahead and printed. What was obvious, says Hubbard, is that not one of the journalists had actually read the article they were complaining about.

The next thing, it’s escalated to TV and The Wright Stuff, a seedy Channel 5 show with failed journalist Matthew Wright. No-one from the program bothered to check the story or the facts with WDDTY! It’s unbelievable. Instead, a picture of Lynne was flashed on the screen and then they tore into her, with no right of reply, parroting the same ugly claims circulated by Sense and Science and The Times. It was open season on WDDTY.

All this—please note—before the issue was even written, never mind in print!

Why? You can read this fascinating issue yourself and find out: the editors have generously decided to circulate it free, all round the world. So this is just to say that it reveals fascinating work showing that homeopathy is MORE successful than chemo and, of course, less dangerous and not distressing like the “proper” treatment. So much so that 6 out of 7 glioma patients had complete regression. That’s unheard of.

More: it turns out that MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) in Houston, Texas, got involved in researching homeopathic remedies and were so impressed by the results, that MDACC is now offering homeopathic treatment. The US National Cancer Institute is also impressed and have called for more research.

So, my friends, that story has moved on considerably. It’s hard to see how this is going to get swept under the carpet. But…

THIS IS IMPORTANT: I want to help WDDTY get this knowledge out to as many people as possible. Go to the site, using this link, and download your own copy. (no email required)

But as a return favour to WDDTY, be sure to get several of your friends to do the same and get THEM to spread it to their friends. Within a few iterations, we could have the knowledge in front of hundreds of millions of people. What better way to spite your enemies than flourish and succeed!

Do it fast. The forces of darkness may figure out some new devious trick to get the web page taken down.

The only answer to beating the army of evil and folly is to spread the word.

You should also consider taking out a subscription to WDDTY.

*In my case, it led to an invitation to address the European Parliament in October about the poor value of conventional therapies and how simple, safe alternatives good save governments from staggering and unnecessary health costs.


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby


1. New Scientist, 22 January 2014, p. 10. by Catherine Brahic
2. PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1320115111

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Interesting Health Information On Chemo Dangers – 2 or 20%

We often get pieces of information from very interesting sources, which we believe we should let other people know about.  One such piece is available below regarding chemotherapy and just one of its often unknown negative effects after treatment.  We thought that this was important information that others should be made aware of.

From Daily Health Alert edited by Francois Lubbe.

“As I’m sure you know, radiation can cause cancer.  But less well known is the oncologist’s frightening secret.  It’s a secret because most patients never hear one word of warning…

Chemotherapy can cause secondary cancers.  And it often does.

2 or 20 per cent?

“A double-edged sword.”

That’s the not-so-comforting way Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, describes chemotherapy… so really, he should know what he is talking about.

Dr. Brawley adds… “There is a benefit from the drug and there is a harm from the drug.”

“Harm” barely even begins to describe it.

A few years ago, a friend of mine was fighting leukemia.  His oncologist suggested a new chemo regimen.  These are the very words the oncologist used… “There’s a 2 per cent chance it will cure you and a 20 per cent chance it will kill you.”

Now if that doesn’t say it all…

Nearly every cancer survivor I’ve ever known or spoken to has eventually developed a secondary cancer.  Most of them assume that the second is related to the first.  Few would dream that it’s more likely related to the chemo or radiation.

Dr. Brawley himself made that clear in an interview a few months ago.  At that time, he was even more blunt on this topic.  He said… “It is ironic but true that many cancer chemotherapies are known to cause cancers.”

Many! Brawley added… “It is something that the physician must consider when recommending treatment.”

I would hope so!  But then, what alternatives do mainstream doctors have?  Surgery.  Chemo.  Radiation.  If a doctor dares stray beyond those treatments and into alternative health care, he might risk losing his license.”

Interesting that isn’t it?  Did you know this was the case? 

For more information like this from us why not visit our Facebook page, where we have a constant supply of this kind of information.  To keep informed of more health updates just press the ‘LIKE’ button.

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives


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Heavy Metals And A Simple Way To Help The Body Remove Them

Heavy metal poisoning is often something people do not understand or are even aware that they are suffering from.  Many health issues will be made worse or even caused by this problem.  Mercury and aluminium poisoning are probably the most common, but there are many others such as cadmium and lead.  These dangerous metals can accumulate in the body causing serious health issues.   

Here is a great web site on the effects of mercury poisoning from dental amalgam, we have mentioned this site to many people before, but thought we should post it here, as lots of people might be interested in it.  Pam’s helpline is a great web site and well worth sharing – http://www.pamshelpline.com/. Check out the symptoms page; they might surprise you – http://www.pamshelpline.com/symptoms.html.

Consuming Spirulina and Chlorella has been shown to help the body remove heavy metals if consumed regularly. http://www.naturalnews.com/027740_spirulina_chlorella.html.

However the taste leaves a lot to be desired for us. (Massive understatement there LOL)

If you want an easy, and not unpleasant, way of consuming these amazing natural products then there is a way.  Why not check out Xenca’s Five a day+ super green supplement which contains Spirulina and Chlorella and much, much more – http://www.xenca.com/products/fiveadayplus/?  

The benefits to the body of consuming Five a day+ are often undeniable; and many people have reported an obvious detoxing of heavy metals, when consuming it on a regular basis.  I have put a list of ingredients lower down for people to peruse.  However the way Five a day+ is formulated is unique and we are confident is unmatchable in benefits by any other green superfood out in the market place. 

Five a day+ is the best supplement we have ever taken bar none; we can’t recommend it highly enough actually.  I have put some links to a couple of videos about it below.  These videos are by a couple of people involved with the company that make it.

The first one features Dr Bo Wagner – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb9XXwFvtHc&feature=player_embedded.  Dr Bo is a highly respected formulator of nutritional products with many thousands of celebrity clients on his books.  The second one features James MacDonald – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4PRAVDUin4&feature=share – both of these people are highly respected nutritionists. 

Hopefully people will research this product on our web site link below, as it has incredible health benefits, or possibly request more detailed information from us.  This amazing supplement is now available to order online in the UK and many other countries from our Xenca web site here – http://www.xenca.com/products/fiveadayplus/

 Five a Day +

Key ingredients:-

Spirulina: – Is a blue – green algae, grown in the concentrated sunlight of Hawaii, which makes a rich source of chlorophyll and natural iron. It is the richest food in beta-carotene and vitamin B12, making it highly beneficial for eyesight, skin, health and energy levels. It is an amazing 65 – 71% complete protein, with all essential amino acids in perfect balance.  As one of the highest known protein source on Earth, Spirulina offers vegetarians an ideal way to ensure sufficient protein in their diet. Studies have also shown that Spirulina can help control blood sugar levels and cravings, thus making it a key food for diabetics and a healthy aid to weight control.

Chlorella: – Is a freshwater algae containing a complete protein profile, all the B vitamins, vitamins C and E and many minerals.  It is known for its positive effect on the immune system, lowering cholesterol, boosting oxygen levels and preventing hardening of the arteries, a precursor to heart attacks and strokes.

Soya Lecithin: – Is known for its fat-metabolising properties and for its positive effect on cardiovascular health, memory, brain function and cholesterol levels.

Barley Grass Juice: – Another chlorophyll-rich, nutrient-dense plant.  Barley Grass contains perhaps the most balanced nutrient profile of all the green plants.  It contains an astonishing array of vitamins, minerals and phyto-chemicals and it is known for its anti-viral and detoxifying properties and for neutralising heavy metals in the body. Conditions believed to benefit from barley grass include arthritis, asthma, skin problems, obesity, anaemia, constipation, impotence, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems.

Wheat Grass Juice: – Is the sprouted grass of a wheat seed.  Unlike the whole grain, because it has been sprouted, it no longer contains gluten or other common allergens.  It is a rich source of B vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, and it is believed to assist in blood flow, normalise thyroid function, improve digestion and boost overall detoxification of the body.

Kamut Grass Juice: – Full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, lipids, and complex carbohydrates and is reported to deliver a variety of benefits including healthy digestion, increased energy levels and improved immune function.

Beetroot Juice: – Rich in B vitamins and antioxidants as well as a wide range of minerals.  Its health benefits relate mainly to its reputation as a strong blood builder and purifier because it optimises the utilisation of oxygen and stimulates red blood cells production.

Organic Alfalfa: – Is a plant which sends its roots 20 to 30 feet into the ground, absorbing minerals that are not available at the surface. It is considered the richest land source of trace minerals and is also rich in vitamins and other nutrients.  It has been used for centuries to treat kidney, liver and bowel problems, relieve fluid retention and swelling, and alleviate arthritis and lower cholesterol.

Rice Kernal Membrane Powder: – The best part of rice is the rice kernel membrane (often discarded to make instant rice) .It is an excellent source of fibre and B-complex

High Pectin Apple Fibre: – Acts to trap cholesterol. It is also high fibre with an excellent taste and aroma.

Icelandic Kelp and Nova Scotia Dulse: – These are sea vegetables containing 28% naturally chelated major, and trace, minerals. They also contain natural lithium (dulse).

Coenzyme Q10: – A powerful antioxidant that benefits the immune system and is essential for heart health. Due to its maximum bio-availability, it is easily absorbed and used by the body.  It is used by cells to produce energy. Unfortunately the body produces less as we age, necessitating supplementation, and is especially important for people on statins.

Royal Jelly: – A rich source of antioxidants, it contains valuable enzymes, 9 B Vitamins and 22 Amino Acids.

Jerusalem Artichoke Powder: – Feeds the ‘friendly flora’ and helps correct pH balance. It normalises toxic bacteria and is lactose free.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus / Bifidus Probiotic: – A great probiotic, full of ‘friendly flora’, which help correct your body’s pH balance. They normalise the toxic bacteria whilst being lactose free.

Additional ingredients include – Wheat Sprouts and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Ionic Trace Minerals and W/Catalase.

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What Makes Changing Lives Different?

We have just updated a part of our Changing Lives web site, which we hope will help people to understand the major differences that what we can offer people to improve their health. https://changinglivesstives.wordpress.com/what-makes-us-unique/?preview=true&preview_id=143&preview_nonce=cb74ccbb37
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Is There A Link Between Acidity (Low Blood pH) And Poor Health?

There are many Doctors, scientists and health professionals around the world who are convinced that an over acidic body (low pH.) is preventing it from healing itself correctly.  People such as Theodore Baroody for example, as he states clearly in his book, “Alkalise or die”, or Dr Robert Young in his book “The pH. miracle”, but there are many others you can research and find.  This over acidity may be the root cause of many of the diseases people suffer from around the world, with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, M.E., arthritis and others being of epidemic proportions now. 

On the web site we have also put a copy of a book by a respected cell biologist, MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek, called ‘Magnotherapy the Phacts’.  This can be found on the ‘The Science Bit’ for those that want to read about the science in more depth.  We hope that this is of particular interest to people who might be sceptical about how a magnetic field could have such varied benefits on health, albeit Bioflow® is a very different one to others (Bioflow® mimics the effect of an electro-magnetic field)

Vaclavek researched many other brands of magnetic products, as well as the Bioflow®; and in the book he explains his conclusions of the main differences between them.  He also details the cell issues that occur with imbalanced blood pH. and how a correct pH. can help the body to rectify these issues at a cellular level. 

His contention is that Bioflow’s® unique magnetic field has an effect on balancing pH. by ionising the water molecule.  This has the effect of improving a process called buffering. (Which is the process by which the body balances pH.)  This in turn improves vital systems of cells called ‘cell pumps’ (Ion channels).  These pumps affect the efficiency of cells if not correct. (Think of these pumps as doorways allowing ingredients in that the cell requires such as minerals, as well as allowing the outflow of toxins from the cells) 

So in essence what he is saying is this. 

Once the blood pH. is improved, cell pumps work more efficiently.  Cells then must also work better, as they rely upon cell pumps to control the cell supply and detoxification of all cells.  Therefore this will make us healthier at a cellular level, which will assist in helping the body to  reverse the cell issues from imbalanced pH. 

This makes logical sense to us.  If you improve how the body deals with acids; and acids are bad for the body, then improving the body’s ability to buffer acids and control pH. must have body wide health benefits. 

Below are some snippets from his book, which we hope will help to make more sense of this pH. change: –

Taken from ‘Magnotherapy the Phacts’ by MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek

(Please note that Ecoflow was the Original name of the manufacturer of Bioflow)

…“Magnotherapy’s success is also partly due to the fact that a magnetic field can attack pain right where it starts, at the sub atomic level.  So, how does a magnet help to relieve pain and suffering, and promote healthy tissue maintenance and growth?  The mechanism is probably very complex and it may not be a single process.  Research suggests that it helps to control the acidity of the body.  This leads to an improvement in the blood, which, in turn, allows the cell’s building supply and waste disposal system to work more efficiently.”…..

…“The benefits of magnotherapy are the result of a change in pH that is triggered by magnetic energy.”…

…“All living cells have a pH value that must be maintained within a very narrow range.  Different body tissues have different levels of pH, but the importance of maintaining the correct balance is absolutely imperative to the life of the cell.  Both human and animal bodies have in-built control systems, known as buffers, to monitor and stabilise the pH levels.”….

…“Ecoflow have appreciated that the only way that a magnetic field can have any effect on unconnected matter is by having a direct effect on the electrons.  To amplify the ability of their magnets to perform this task they have invented a simple, and yet clever, arrangement of magnetic fields called Central Reverse Polarity (CRP).  The CRP field is far superior to any other static magnet field used in magnotherapy because this field is specifically designed to move electrons.  It is the moving of electrons that is the fundamental action of magnotherapy.  Without the moving of electrons, pH levels cannot change.”…

Vaclavek’s work is of an exceptional standard, some of it, his ‘Unitary Theory’, was even studied by The Nobel Department of The Royal Swedish Academy of Science (The Nobel Prize).  Part of this work was about electrons, which is something he says that Bioflow affects as he states clearly.  So we can be confident he knows what he is talking about when it comes to electrons.

Once the pH. balance is restored it, has been demonstrated to be extremely beneficial in hundreds of different health issues such as; Fibromyalgia, M.E., arthritis and many others that are affecting the human body. 

For more information on what we can offer, please check through our web site.  There is lots of information on here, which we hope explains how different our results are compared to any other treatments.  There are also many customer testimonials for people to see, or links to more such as our comments book, plus some video footage of people we have treated as well. 

Kind regards

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives

Ps we can even treat people without even meeting them; we call this ‘Our Global Treatment Service‘.  We are also on Facebook as well.  If you like what we do, please go to the Facebook site, press the ‘LIKE’ button and spread the word about us.

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People Find Us In Many Different Ways

The best thing about my job is helping people to get out of pain, but how people find us varies in many ways.  It might be from an internet search for Changing Lives, our new Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/ChangingLivesStIves, our twitter page – https://twitter.com/magnetmanstives or our web site here.  It might be by recommendation from someone who we have already helped, or from being in our shop or even just walking past. It really doesn’t matter in the end, what matters most is that people find us.

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives

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Our Superb New Changing Lives Facebook Page

We have finally got round to launching our Facebook Changing Lives page. So it is now up and running.  We hope that people go to our page, ‘Like’ it, ‘Comment’ on the posts and ‘Share’ both the Changing Lives page and the posts.

We will be updating the site regularly, daily at least is the plan, with different sorts of information on health.  So if you are interested in better health it might be worth ‘Liking’ our page, to keep posted of the information we will be adding.  Many of our customers are doing just that and we hope to get better known around the world using this page alongside this web site. 

I spoke to one of our customers yesterday, Jane Leadbetter.  Jane had been told her Fibromyalgia was incurable and until she used our treatment and products was convinced that was the case.  Fortunately Jane met one of our other customers in Florida on holiday, who used to have Fibromyalgia, but not any more since using our treatment and products.

Jane came over to see us, as she lives near Newquay and she is certainly surprised at the results and it hasn’t been very long yet.  I can’t wait to put her testimonial up for people to see.  Everyone that meets her now, that knows her past health issues, can see the difference.  She was explaining to me how hard it has been getting across to other people what we do and so many of those people have been sceptical that we can help them. 

Hopefully the web site and Facebook page will make that job easier for her, and others, from now on.  Currently Jane is passing our Facebook details around her friends.  That way more people will find out about us more quickly; and not have to suffer as long as Jane had to.

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives

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The New Year in St Ives

Well the crazy Xmas and New Years Eve crowd have mostly gone home from St Ives now.  But we did manage to treat some of those people who had health issues whilst they were here.   In particular a couple of people with prolapsed discs were amazed at the difference after our sample. 

One girl we gave a sample treatment to, with prolapsed discs and who was in agony, even managed a high kick outside the shop after the sample.  While she was here, another gentleman also came in with prolapsed discs (Seeing him in so much pain reminded me of my old life before I discovered Bioflow).  I did feel sorry for him, as he struggled even to sit down, it brought back painful memories actually.  He popped back in the next two following days as well, and improved with each sample we gave him.  He is ordering some of our products when he gets back.


If you know anyone in pain, please put them in contact with us and let us give them the best pain relief and treatment we can. 

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives

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2012 in review

What a fantastic web site this is, it is soooo easy to use, and soooo manageable from our point of view.  Many thanks to my friend Rachelle for helping me with it. Here is our 2012 summary, it makes interesting reading.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.


Click here to see the complete report.


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