Is There A Link Between Acidity (Low Blood pH) And Poor Health?

There are many Doctors, scientists and health professionals around the world who are convinced that an over acidic body (low pH.) is preventing it from healing itself correctly.  People such as Theodore Baroody for example, as he states clearly in his book, “Alkalise or die”, or Dr Robert Young in his book “The pH. miracle”, but there are many others you can research and find.  This over acidity may be the root cause of many of the diseases people suffer from around the world, with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, M.E., arthritis and others being of epidemic proportions now. 

On the web site we have also put a copy of a book by a respected cell biologist, MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek, called ‘Magnotherapy the Phacts’.  This can be found on the ‘The Science Bit’ for those that want to read about the science in more depth.  We hope that this is of particular interest to people who might be sceptical about how a magnetic field could have such varied benefits on health, albeit Bioflow® is a very different one to others (Bioflow® mimics the effect of an electro-magnetic field)

Vaclavek researched many other brands of magnetic products, as well as the Bioflow®; and in the book he explains his conclusions of the main differences between them.  He also details the cell issues that occur with imbalanced blood pH. and how a correct pH. can help the body to rectify these issues at a cellular level. 

His contention is that Bioflow’s® unique magnetic field has an effect on balancing pH. by ionising the water molecule.  This has the effect of improving a process called buffering. (Which is the process by which the body balances pH.)  This in turn improves vital systems of cells called ‘cell pumps’ (Ion channels).  These pumps affect the efficiency of cells if not correct. (Think of these pumps as doorways allowing ingredients in that the cell requires such as minerals, as well as allowing the outflow of toxins from the cells) 

So in essence what he is saying is this. 

Once the blood pH. is improved, cell pumps work more efficiently.  Cells then must also work better, as they rely upon cell pumps to control the cell supply and detoxification of all cells.  Therefore this will make us healthier at a cellular level, which will assist in helping the body to  reverse the cell issues from imbalanced pH. 

This makes logical sense to us.  If you improve how the body deals with acids; and acids are bad for the body, then improving the body’s ability to buffer acids and control pH. must have body wide health benefits. 

Below are some snippets from his book, which we hope will help to make more sense of this pH. change: –

Taken from ‘Magnotherapy the Phacts’ by MVDr Vladislav Vaclavek

(Please note that Ecoflow was the Original name of the manufacturer of Bioflow)

…“Magnotherapy’s success is also partly due to the fact that a magnetic field can attack pain right where it starts, at the sub atomic level.  So, how does a magnet help to relieve pain and suffering, and promote healthy tissue maintenance and growth?  The mechanism is probably very complex and it may not be a single process.  Research suggests that it helps to control the acidity of the body.  This leads to an improvement in the blood, which, in turn, allows the cell’s building supply and waste disposal system to work more efficiently.”…..

…“The benefits of magnotherapy are the result of a change in pH that is triggered by magnetic energy.”…

…“All living cells have a pH value that must be maintained within a very narrow range.  Different body tissues have different levels of pH, but the importance of maintaining the correct balance is absolutely imperative to the life of the cell.  Both human and animal bodies have in-built control systems, known as buffers, to monitor and stabilise the pH levels.”….

…“Ecoflow have appreciated that the only way that a magnetic field can have any effect on unconnected matter is by having a direct effect on the electrons.  To amplify the ability of their magnets to perform this task they have invented a simple, and yet clever, arrangement of magnetic fields called Central Reverse Polarity (CRP).  The CRP field is far superior to any other static magnet field used in magnotherapy because this field is specifically designed to move electrons.  It is the moving of electrons that is the fundamental action of magnotherapy.  Without the moving of electrons, pH levels cannot change.”…

Vaclavek’s work is of an exceptional standard, some of it, his ‘Unitary Theory’, was even studied by The Nobel Department of The Royal Swedish Academy of Science (The Nobel Prize).  Part of this work was about electrons, which is something he says that Bioflow affects as he states clearly.  So we can be confident he knows what he is talking about when it comes to electrons.

Once the pH. balance is restored it, has been demonstrated to be extremely beneficial in hundreds of different health issues such as; Fibromyalgia, M.E., arthritis and many others that are affecting the human body. 

For more information on what we can offer, please check through our web site.  There is lots of information on here, which we hope explains how different our results are compared to any other treatments.  There are also many customer testimonials for people to see, or links to more such as our comments book, plus some video footage of people we have treated as well. 

Kind regards

Phil Watson

Changing Lives St Ives

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